The flag is one of the state attributes of the country. Its coloring is symbolic, the images on the flag reflect the history of the people and carry the national idea.

Flag of the Hungarian Republic - appearance, symbolic meaning

flag of Hungary

The flag of Hungary is a rectangular panel, the lengthwhich refers to the width as 3: 2. It is colored by three longitudinal stripes, identical in width, which occupy the whole length of the flag, leaving no empty spaces on it.

The upper band is red, the middle is white, and the lower is green.

Tricolor has a special ideological meaning: red color means the blood of patriots of the country shed for its liberation, white color speaks about the moral and spiritual purity of the Hungarian people, and green means the color of hope, reflects the people's faith in a better future.

The flag of this type was officially approved on 01.10.1957.

History of the Hungarian flag. Austro-Hungarian banner

flag of Austria-Hungary

As far back as the thirteenth century Hungarians-feudal lords began to use red and white flags. But each prince's banner was supplemented by a family coat of arms.

The first three-color flags - red-white-green - appeared in the late 16th or early 17th century.

In 1867, the Austro-Hungarian monarchy was proclaimed. Hungary united with Austria unia.

Austria-Hungary as a common statethe flag used the Austrian. The flag of Hungary operated at the local level. It was approved with the same stripes - a red strip, white and green, and also with the state emblem in the middle of the cloth. At the same time, the trading flag of Austria-Hungary was created. He combined the Austrian flag in the left part and the Hungarian in the right.

"Patchwork monarchy" ceased to exist in1918 Then Hungary was proclaimed a bourgeois Republic, and on March 21, 1919 - the Hungarian Soviet Republic. Her flag was a blood-red canvas. But already on August 1, 1919 the republic became a regency, and the national colors returned to the flag - red, white and green.

From 1949 to 1957, the flag of Hungary had the same proportions and colors as the modern one, but its center was decorated with the State Emblem.

Related flags

flag of Hungary

The Hungarian flag is sometimes confused with the flagTajikistan. The latter also looks like a rectangular panel with three longitudinal stripes, from top to bottom - red, white and green. In the center is a crown with a semi-circle of 7 stars above it.

Differences between flags:

  • the flag of Hungary has a length-to-width ratio of 3: 2, and a Tajik 2: 1;
  • the bands of the Hungarian banner are the same, and the Tajik have the ratio 2: 3: 2;
  • in Hungarian, except for bands, nothing is depicted, in Tajik - in the center is the crown with the stars.
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