The exotic country of Guadeloupe stands out even for its symbolism. How do its state symbols look and what value do they have?

Description of the flag

Officially, the modern cloth looks likesquare of white color. In the center, the flag of Guadalupe is supplemented by the same smaller figure, divided by a two-part drawing. From above there is a blue field, and from below - green. Figure - a stylized image of a flying seabird, executed in a dark blue color against the rising sun, which is made in yellow. Under the green part of the square in black color is written "Region of Guadalupe", the inscription is made in French. Under the text is a yellow horizontal strip. There is also the unofficial flag of Guadeloupe. It has a classical rectangular shape, divided into two halves. Above is the dark blue part, and the bottom is black. In the center there is a golden figure of the sun, behind it - green sheaves of sugar cane stalks, which are the basis of the local agricultural industry. The blue field also shows heraldic lilies. This flag of Guadeloupe is no less famous in the world, but it is not used by state institutions and on solemn dates.

Flag of Guadalupe

History of appearance

This territory on the islands of the Caribbean Sea has becomebelonged to France as far back as 1674. In the course of the history of Guadeloupe, other countries also conquered, but then she again returned to the former colonialist. In 1916, the status of the state was officially confirmed, and thirty years later, in 1946, the islands received the title of overseas department. In those days, the flag of Guadalupe was identical to the French one. Change of status led to changes in the symbolism. The title of the department determined what the flag of Guadalupe looks like, as follows: in it, especially in its unofficial version, traces both the features of the colonial state, and unique, national ones. Now the country is governed by the prefect, and the General Council uses a separate cloth, which looks the same as the coat of arms.

What does the flag of Guadeloupe look like?

Emblems of the country

Both the official and unofficial versions of the emblemcoincide with the kind of cloth that is represented. The national flag of Guadalupe, whose photographs can be seen as often as with the traditional version, refers to French rule. The coat of arms in the form of a heraldic shield reminds one of the same. It is divided into two halves, the upper one occupying one third of the height of the image, and the lower one - two. The first is done in dark blue, and the second one is bright red. Above are three golden lilies, a heraldic symbol of the French, and from below a sign associated with Guadalupe. It is a green bundle of sugar cane, before which the yellow sun rises.

Flag of Guadalupe, photo

The unofficial flag of Guadalupe accurately usesthe same symbolism. The state cloth is also similar to the legislated coat of arms. It is a white square with a smaller color in the center, separated by a stylized figure of a flying bird of black color, under which is the name of the country, underlined by a yellow line.

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