What is most often given for a wedding? Of course, money. But it is not desirable to present them in the envelope, because even such a gift can be presented in an unusual and original way. To ensure that you do not break your head for a long time, we will provide many options for such a presentation. Let's take a closer look at how to make original gifts out of money for a wedding. It is very important not only to create such a present, but also to present it beautifully. Let's move on to the detailed instructions on "How to make a gift of money with your own hands."

original gifts from money for a wedding

  1. A gift in the style of the fairy tale "Buratino". You need to buy an artificial tree in a pot and paste on each sheet with a tape of bills, the denomination of which depends on your capabilities. Before handing the gift, make the bride and groom say the spell from the tale and then give the miracle tree.
  2. Make a gift in the form of a share for somea serious purchase, for example, so that a new family could buy a washing machine in the future, give them a pack of washing powder, to which glue an envelope with money.
  3. Miracle umbrella. On the inside, glue and tie money on strings, give the newlyweds with the words from the popular song Valley "Weather in the house."
  4. Buy a beautiful antique chest and put coins in there, and put a more significant bill on the bottom.
  5. One of the most jewelery works is a giftKinder Surprise. Gently cut the egg, take out the toy and put money there, restore the old kind of egg. Basket with these eggs will certainly like both the groom and the bride.

gifts from money
Considered original gifts from money forThe wedding will certainly make a splash at the celebration. So, in addition to money, you give a piece of yourself, because you will make a present yourself. Let's continue to consider what gifts from money can be made:

  1. Take a beautiful box, preferably if it is in the shape of a heart. You need to wrap every bill in a tube and tie it with a beautiful ribbon.
  2. Beautiful picture. Take a big photo frame and put a lot of money in there.
  3. Procurement for the future. Take the jar, fold the bills there, cover it with paper or cloth and tie it with a rope. Make it look like you made jam.
  4. Take a few balloons and fill them with confetti and, of course, with money that roll into a tube. Then fill them with helium and give the culprits a celebration.

And finally consider the original gifts from the money for the wedding, for which you need some skill:

a gift of money with your own hands

  1. Make a carpet of money. To do this, you need to take a couple of meters of polyethylene, fold it into two layers, and put money between them. Place the space between the bills with a stapler or a double-sided tape. In the middle you can lay out your heart or flowers. Cover the carpet with ruffles or a beautiful ribbon. In the end, you must get the original carpet.
  2. Take the box from under the handkerchiefs that are insideare fastened together. And glue it with fake bills, and from real ones make a roll. To do this, fix the money with scotch tape. Put the resulting roll inside the box, and put the end out of the box.

On such original gifts from money for a weddingyou will need to spend some free time. Also, you can include your imagination and come up with your own unique gift from monetary denominations.

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