Money is the most universal gift forany holiday. He surely will also please the main characters of the wedding celebration. But to give envelopes with bills is so primitive! Why not show originality and not present a gift from money for a wedding made with love and imagination with your own hands?

Making money gifts

A gift from money for a wedding with your own hands
You need to give clean and new bills. Their value depends on how you will present them, but it is not too small to change money, especially if it is a large sum. An interesting idea is to present some opening piece of interior with bills inside. It can be a casket, a copy of an egg Faberge or a nesting doll. Another interesting idea is to fill out a gift album for photographs with banknotes. Make an interesting gift from money for a wedding with your own hands - money tree. Acquire any plant (better unpretentious in care), fold the banknotes with tubes and with the help of bands and rubber bands fasten. It is advisable to pack a ready-made souvenir in transparent paper so that the "ornaments" are not lost during transportation and delivery.

Eastern wisdom and not only

Original wedding gift for your own hands
Original gift for the wedding with your own hands fromYou can make money using the origami technique. You can stack the same figures and fill them with a large glass container or package them in a frame. Another idea of ​​a gift with a frame is to put money in it with the signature "Family stash. Break the glass if necessary. " Theoretically, you can supplement any ready-made gift with money. For example, unpack a box of chocolates and put money inside, or package them into a chocolate wrapper. The original idea is to put the folded bills in a big "Kinder-surprise".

Symbolism in cash gifts

Funny gift for the wedding with your own hands
If you know what exactly dreamnewlyweds, you can make a gift from the money for the wedding with your own hands with a hint. For example, to collect a decorative bunch of keys and attach bills as a key fob if the bride and groom want to buy their house. Money can be rolled up and fastened with ribbons or decorated like a pack. If the dream of a young couple is home appliances, pick up an accessory reminding about it. Detergent - for the washing machine, food basket - for the refrigerator. Another interesting idea is cabbage. To make it, buy this vegetable, and exchange money for dollars and put them under the sheets. Such a cool gift for a wedding with his own hands is not difficult to make, and he will surely remember the newlyweds more than other gifts. You can make a canned gift - in a small jar, fold the bills and seal them. You can add a fun signature with an indication to open if necessary.

If you have at least a minimum of skillsin graphic editors, offer the newlyweds an original coloring. Collect a little book from several sheets. At the top, make a transparent pocket for real bills, at the bottom - glue the workpiece for coloring, printed on the printer. Twisted bills can be placed in balloons with helium. You can also figure out how to make an unusual gift from money for a wedding with your own hands, remembering all that the newlyweds are addicted to. If nothing original comes to mind, you can make a money bouquet, folding flowers from banknotes or adding fresh cut plants to them.

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