50 years of life hand in hand - an impressive date. Half a century your parents spent in joy and sorrow, in health and illness, in love and tenderness. And now, on this important day for them, you must present such a gift for a golden wedding to parents, so that it reflects the whole essence of their joint being. And do not necessarily give something insanely expensive, the main thing - put your soul in what you give.

a gift for a golden wedding
Certainly, people over fiftythreshold of marriage, are no longer young. They are at least 70 years old. And at this age, what is most important? Of course, health. Therefore, such a gift for a golden wedding, as a modern device for measuring pressure, will have to come in handy. You can also present a coupon for a comprehensive health examination in a paid medical center or a trip to a sanatorium where they can relax and receive medical treatment.

Standard gift for a golden wedding -wedding rings. Parents, of course, will be happy with such an expensive gift, but, as a rule, everyone rushes to pass them to their grandchildren as a symbol of loyalty and great love. You can also give a symbolic golden teaspoon or gilded statuettes of swans.

original gifts for the golden wedding
If you want to give your parents original gifts for a golden wedding, you can choose one of the following:

  1. A bottle of good wine with a sticker, specially ordered for such a celebration. The newlyweds can be depicted on it fifty years ago and a beautiful congratulation is written for them.
  2. A rocking chair with a warm blanket - this gift will please both parents. And in order not to argue, who will rest on it, it is better to give two.
  3. Medals made of gilding, with the inscription "Best wife" and "Best husband" - a good gift for a golden wedding to those who have been married for fifty years.
  4. If you know your pedigree well, then suchA surprise, like a beautifully decorated family tree, will come in handy. Remember all family and friends, starting with great-grandfathers, tell their story of life, will not only want your parents, but all those present on the anniversary of the wedding.
  5. You can order an interesting cake with symbolic figures and inscriptions. And you can make a cake with your own hands, for example, from towels.
  6. Also an original surprise for the "newlyweds"there will be a film about their love. A clip, mounted from their earliest photographs, accompanied by romantic music - all this will evoke pleasant memories and affection for the elderly.

a gift for a golden wedding to parents
Of course, you can always find out from yourparents, that they present as a gift. Useful home appliances do not hurt them at all - a high-quality iron, a powerful vacuum cleaner, a cordless handset, a washing machine or a microwave oven will be their faithful assistants.

Whatever you give your parents, remember,that the best gift for a golden wedding is your attention to them. Spend this day together, take a walk in the park, go to the cinema, cover the table, call your grandchildren and great-grandsons - believe me, there is no better surprise for an elderly couple than to see your friendly and big family.

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