What is a happy married couple? These are the people who love each other, respect, consider the seconds before the meeting, if they are apart, and look forward to joint romantic holidays, among which one of the most beloved is the anniversary of the wedding. Preparation for such a solemn occasion should be held in advance and very carefully, naturally, that it is better to pick up a gift ahead of time.

what to give to her husband for a wooden wedding

For each anniversary there is a name anda certain range of gifts, which can best symbolize it. It is almost impossible to stop on all types in one article, so at the moment we will try to answer in more detail the question of what to give to her husband for a wooden wedding.

As you know, five years of living together iswooden wedding. The first small anniversary of the young family symbolizes a small, but already firmly rooted tree. However, care and attention are very important for him. So, there was a wooden wedding. What to give to her husband?

gift for a wooden wedding to her husband

Currently, there is a huge choicepresents, but you can turn your attention to the ancient customs. In principle, it is assumed that by this time the family should already have a child, so joint planting of the tree is an excellent gift for a wooden wedding to the husband. You can organize a ritual, in which only your small "cell of society" will take part. In the case when it is cold in the street and it is impossible to do this, try using a bonsai tree, which is grown in a flower pot. Do not forget that every plant symbolizes this or that prosperity for the young.

What to give to her husband for a wooden wedding, in addition tobeautiful custom? If you pay attention to the name, it becomes clear that the present should be made of wood or have a direct relationship to it. Many men are fond of carving or like to spend their free time in their carpentry, mastering something for their home. In this case, you are simply lucky, you can not think about what to give to her husband for a wooden wedding! It can be a large beautiful set of tools for working with wood. As they say, and nice, and useful!

A modern man will certainly likesnuff boxes, wooden ornaments and other lovely little things. A beautiful wedding picture in a wooden frame, a souvenir tree, icons, cups, shelves for books and much more - this is what you can give to your husband on a wooden wedding very easily!

wooden wedding what to give to her husband

If the above options are for youfor whatever reason do not suit, then give your spouse what he wants! Still, it's your holiday, and imitation of other people and following traditions is not necessary. The main thing is that the gift is chosen with a soul and love. Only in this case your present will be valuable, pleasant and warmed by the warmth of your happiness! And if the family already has children, then remember that the relationships that you have are automatically modeled by them in the future. Therefore, love each other, cherish the family, treat others with respect and you will not notice how the time will come when it will be necessary to select a gift for a golden wedding!

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