A wedding creates many problems not only foryoung. All guests and parents are thinking: what to give to the wedding original? The choice is really difficult, if you are categorically against trivial monetary gifts. Let's think about the original gift to the newlyweds together.

what to give to the wedding the original

Non-legitimate money

Even the most popular gift can be presentedunofficially. There are a lot of options. It can be a bunch of balloons, each of which is invested a thousand rubles. And the more such balls, the more impressive your gift will be - both literally and figuratively. If, after that, you are still tormented by the question of what to give to the wedding of the original, sew a money dress. It's better if it's dollars. It is desirable to paste bills with a paint ribbon: it easily lags behind any surfaces, so you can even take advantage of your gift. In the same way, you can expand the umbrella, make a tablecloth out of money or any other thing. Such an original presentation of the gift for the wedding will be noted by all guests. With such a souvenir, you not only demonstrate your originality, but also render an indispensable service to the newlyweds, giving them a really necessary thing. However, we go further.

Budget, but not trivial
original gift to the newlyweds

If you do not have money for a new car yetenough, do not worry: your gift can also be useful and unexpected. So, we argue on the topic of what to give to the wedding of the original with minimal cash. Let's start with the dishes. It is always needed, but make an engraving with the name of the new family on it - and it will turn into just a family value. Also you can present a picture. Nobody will ever know its price, especially if it is an abstraction on a canvas in a thick frame, but it will become a nice decoration for a young family. Today there is also a lot of bed linen for the newlyweds. It was made with various funny inscriptions or with yin-yang symbols. If you are not ready to spend money on a big gift, its part will do. For example, if you can not give a trip to the Canary Islands, then, perhaps, you will have enough for the weekend in the suburbs. Such a holiday for a young family after a noisy wedding will only benefit. A small business card is also suitable, each page of which will be decorated with a certificate in a store. A whole day of pleasant shopping for the young is provided. Such money will certainly be spent with profit.

It is not necessary to present
the original presentation of the gift for the wedding

So, what to present for the wedding original, we have already dismantled, but the list of the most unwanted things for the young:

1) Useless and unnecessary figurines: symbols of home heat, brownies and stuff. These gifts like only one pair of a hundred. For the rest, all this turns into ordinary dust collectors.

2) Do not give candy, cakes, champagne. Everything that can be eaten or drunk will not be appreciated and will be forgotten in a year.

3) Do not make a choice for honeymooners, if it isconcerns their home space and personal life. Do not give a bright orange vase, a set of perfume or a dog. Try to make common gifts for the family, and not for each of its members individually.

4) Do not press on the young. Even if you have been dreaming for 20 years about grandchildren, do not present a bundle of diapers and pajamas for the wedding. This is a completely different holiday, it will come into their lives much later.

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