What to give for a paper wedding
What to give for a paper wedding? This issue always takes guests invited to a holiday for a young family. On the last anniversary was presented with cotton underwear. And what should I do this year? Which gift will remain not only memorable, but also useful for a couple just starting their joint journey? The answer lies in the very name of the holiday - a paper wedding. What to give to the young?

Two years together

A paper (or glass) wedding is calledafter two years of living together. Passed the first fervent emotions, people gradually rubbed themselves together. However, relations are still quite fragile, like paper. And gifts should symbolize the symbol of the anniversary - paper. It is much easier to choose a gift to shopaholics. They also spend a lot of time in shops, and therefore for them it will not be difficult to come up with a gift option. And what about the rest? If you do not know what to give, write a list of those things that young people want, but for some reason they can not buy. Of course, if it's not a refrigerator or a washing machine, you'll probably remember a few items anyway. What to give for a paper wedding? After you have written the list, leave only paper items in it. That's all!

Paper wedding what to give to her husband

What is there to give?

To answer this question is simple enough! If the previous version did not help, you can go the traditional way. Buy a large photo album or beautiful wallpaper as a gift (of course, if you know what it is like for young people). You can order a calendar with photos from the wedding. This will be a great reminder of this event. You can also give a rare book or a pre-made collage of photos of young people, accumulated for two years. What to give to a paper wedding to close friends? You can buy a board game made on a cardboard basis. For example, "Monopoly" for adults. Thus, you significantly diversify the already established evenings of the new family. But if friends and relatives can give any gift, then the wife has to be more difficult. 2 years lived with a man. Paper wedding - what to give to her husband? If you could not figure out what it would be, remember the second name - glass.

Paper wedding what to give
Glass wedding

A wife can give her husband a beautiful carafe and wine glasses. Or a horn made of cut glass. Many are fond of hunting or fishing, car tuning. A gift can be chosen from the field of such a passion. Or you can make each other romantic gifts in the form of glass hearts or beautiful figures that will long remind you of this bright day. If financial well-being allows, you can purchase a ticket to a sanatorium or tickets to a movie or theater. This is a great gift, allowing you to spend time together. A trip somewhere will be a great gift for young people from their parents. One of the most common gifts is still money. By the way, this is also a paper. Therefore, with a clear conscience, you can give money in a paper envelope. And the young will be happy, and you have less reason to puzzle over what to give to a paper wedding.

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