Silver wedding is a solid family age. Relations have been tested more than once, becoming even stronger and more reliable. It is generally believed that the twenty-fifth anniversary symbolizes just the nobility and strength of the relations of the spouses, so congratulations should also be appropriate.

Silver gifts for a silver wedding
However, this is not the case when it will take a long timepuzzle over the choice of the presentation. Silver gifts for a silver wedding - an ideal option for a significant event. Moreover, today you can choose any product: from jewelry and table silver to valuable antiques.

So, you decided that gifts for a silver wedding to friends or close people will be made of silver. What to choose?

Silver horseshoe

As an amulet horseshoe at the entrance hanged still our distant ancestors. Such a decorative element will undoubtedly bring prosperity and happiness to the family, even become a family relic.

Gifts for a silver wedding to friends

Silver Cups - an original gift forsilver wedding. They will be right in the hands of a married couple on this remarkable day, and as parting words you can wish for many more years to drink wine from them every next anniversary. It is possible that someday the same cups at their own wedding will be raised by their children or grandchildren.

Silver candlesticks

Love, romance and candles - over the years these conceptsthey are getting farther and farther away. Candlesticks - magnificent silver gifts for a silver wedding, they will certainly help to kindle the spark of the former flame. It is customary to light candles on the day of the wedding and on every anniversary. Fire - a symbol of eternity, and candles in silver candlesticks - a symbol of hot and eternal love of spouses.


Of course, when talking about silver gifts for a silver wedding, first of all it comes to the service.

Original gift for a silver wedding
This is not only a solid present, but also an exquisite decoration of the family table for many years of life.


Options for what to present silverpresents for a silver wedding, there are a great many. It all depends on the imagination and the relevance of one or another accessory. We want to add a few words about the traditions of this celebration.

First of all, the spouses wash each other outsilver jug. It is commonly believed that this ceremony will carry out anxiety and sorrow, make a couple younger. Wash three times, and the remaining water pours out the gate - moisture evaporates and takes with it all the bad.

Of course, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the weddingexchange silver rings. A ritual is performed at a time when the sun is just at the zenith, and the brighter it is, the stronger will be the feelings of the heroes. Taken on this day and get married. Best of all, if the role of witnesses will be the same people as 25 years ago. Since the onset of the silver wedding, many couples wear silver rings, while gold ones are kept as a memory. End the evening you can rite under the name "first kiss". Of course, he has long been not the first, but he will give emotions no less than at that sweet moment.

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