"What to give to the young?"- this is the first question that arises in the head at the time of receiving an invitation to a wedding. Someone decides to buy household appliances, household utensils, textiles. But still the most common kind of presentation is money. After all, in this case, do not puzzle over what is needed for the future family, do not waste time looking for a planned gift, etc. Where it is easier and easier to allocate an amount, put it in an envelope and solemnly hand over to the radiantly shining spouses happy with happiness.

gifts from money for a wedding with their own hands

Just recently, it's not fashionable in such aformat to present treasured bills. Gifts from money for a wedding are popular. With their own hands or to order they are made - it does not matter, the main thing is that such a presentation is original, unusual and creative.

Gifts from Money for a Wedding by Your Own: Trends

So, how else, except for the envelope, is the money given tomodern weddings? According to the guests, grooms and brides, their parents and organizers of this important event, the banknotes take the leading position in the list of wedding gifts. Moreover, this kind of presentation is most desirable for the initiators themselves.

Money remains money, only here to allI want them to be given somehow less formal and serious. Annoying already all these notorious envelopes, gradually disappearing into oblivion. Today there is another trend - the handing of money "to issue" and "pack" in an interesting and spectacular process. This is especially fun and cute, when the unusual gift of money for the wedding of the handmade made himself. Here, fantasy is not limited (in some cases, real bills can be replaced with sham, and these then handed separately), you can embody any bold ideas, most importantly, to be fun and unusual.

an unusual gift for wedding money

Gifts from money for a wedding with your own hands: ideas

What you can do with your own hands from money toa gift for a long time to remember the young and guests? After all, no one remembers, and sometimes just does not know what kind of person gave you money. But as they handed them - remember exactly all those present. For example, you can put out a whole picture or a picture from bills, which is very popular and actual today. Only use needful money, but the real ones put in an envelope and then, when you finish the show with the presentation of the picture, give them to the newlyweds.

gift for wedding money clearance

There is another interesting option - to do thisMoney Tree. Take the pot with a living plant and attach to its branches this time real bills. It will be very symbolic: the tree will mean prosperity and growth of the future family's well-being. Present it to the bride and groom under the surprised and admiring looks of the guests!

Presented a gift for a wedding with money,the design of which is unusual, will be remembered absolutely by everyone present. Another creative and non-ordinary way to donate money is to make figurines from them in origami technique. You will have to learn a little bit of this art, but your monetary statuettes will not leave anyone indifferent.

Here is another option - more traditional and"calm". Make your own hands wedding box (box), in which you must put the gift and present in this form. The point is that somehow unusual, stylish and elegantly decorate the gift box. By the way, it can be pasted with magazine cuttings to make thematic collage, and you can expensive, elegant paper. Place money there and hand along with boxing - young people can then use it as an interior decoration item. This is not all gifts from the money for the wedding. With your hands, you can do many more interesting things.

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