Despite all the variety of options, moneyremain the simplest, most convenient and "useful" type of gift for the wedding. Everything else depends on the size of the amount and the method of offering: a traditional envelope has long been fed up with everyone, and guests come up with an original gift for a wedding out of money. The result is "2 in 1" - and bills are given, and unforgettable emotions are received.

Original gift for a wedding of money: the main thing is to make it unusual

original gift for a wedding out of money

To come up with unusual ideas for the delivery of bankingbanknotes at a wedding can any person. We only need a flight of fantasy, creativity (to embody it) and in some cases additional accessories. And the amount of the amount is not so important, as in what form it will be presented. Creativity, humor, eccentricity, relevant context - that can be put in the basis of how to issue a gift from money. The main thing is to prepare a present and hand it with soul and good mood!

Gift for the wedding money: original and spectacular

Wedding traditions have already been replenishedideas on how to give money to the newlyweds. To implement them is not difficult, so we offer the most interesting and memorable ones.

Money in the trees

how to issue a gift from money

The original gift for a wedding of money isMoney Tree. The idea is based on the elements of the teachings of feng shui, in which the money tree symbolizes inexhaustible financial well-being. To do this, you need a potted plant, the branches and leaves of which are attached coins and bills. You can take only a pot, insert a stick into it and, using scotch tape, attach bills to it, putting them in the form of a tree crown. In this case, it is better to use sham banknotes, and then to give real money in an envelope. Another original gift for a wedding of money involving wood. During the gift giving, you should ask one of the young people to "put" a coin in the pot. Then he will need to close his eyes, in order to present him another pot at that moment - with the already grown money tree.

Beautiful design

Do not say that this idea is original, but exactly- It is not banal. Money is given without any "escort" and masquerade, but simply presented in an unconventional package. It can be various decorative boxes that are freely sold in any souvenir shop. It will be very original and unusual, if you make it (or rather, decorate) with your own hands. It will take a small box for it (from under anything, the main thing is to make it dense and without defects), finishing paper, glue, transparent scotch tape. Get a design and exclusive work, if on the outer surface of the box put a themed collage.

a gift for a wedding in original money

Money rain

This variant of the gift of originality does not hold. It is necessary to take a new umbrella and attach banknotes to his spokes. At the wedding, he is presented as the main presentation, but you need to ask the young to open it. When they do, they will be under real money rain!

Money Figures

Banknotes can be used as the mainmaterial for origami. As a result, you get the most diverse figures, which - depends on the technique and desire of the donor. It can be a heart and a butterfly from money, little men, animals and houses. They look unusual and original, not only as a gift, but also as a decorative piece of furniture.

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