Phraseological units make each language special,unique, not like the others ... The key word idiomatic expression can be even a part of the human body. For example, consider the phraseology with the word "eye".

Phraseologisms with the word eye

Lexical meaning

First, we will understand what the proper noun means:

  1. One of the senses of man or animals, responsible for the ability to see them.
  2. Luminous circle of a small size, formed by a lighting device.
  3. Supervision, supervision, supervision.
  4. A hole in the door, made to see who came.
  5. Vision.

phraseological units with the word eye and their meaning


This noun has several synonyms:

  • eyes (Do not look at my daughter with your shameless eyes!);
  • peep-eyed (What glimpses hatch? Turn away!);
  • glasses (Glasses wipe!);
  • zenki (Tolik was staring at us his counters, it was scary.);
  • balls (Balls do not have a pic on it!);
  • lights (Mishan did not take away from his girl bright blue headlights.);
  • belmy (I'll beat Belm!);
  • lupalki (Well, she and lupalki!).

Phraseologism: the meaning

Phraseologicalism is an indivisible sustainablean expression that has a special portable or double meaning. For example, the idiom "to throw dust in the eyes" literally means "throwing dust particles into the eyes", but in fact it is used in the sense of "showing off, exaggerating one's wealth, achievements or merits."

Phraseological units with the word "eyes" and their meaning

There is a huge amount of idiomatic expressions with this noun:

Phraseologisms with the word eye color

  • *** - a diamond - about a person who has an accurate eye.
  • *** and in a wet place - about an overly tearful man.
  • At *** oh - in sight.
  • Do not fall for someone on *** a - avoid communication.
  • The third *** is intuition.
  • *** but stick together - I want to sleep.
  • The bribe is blinded by ***.
  • Shoot *** ami - flirt, attract attention, build eyes.
  • Although *** pricked - very dark.
  • Read on *** am - to determine the mood or true intentions of a person on external (non-verbal) signs.
  • *** And in a heap - a condition after a long mental work.
  • *** and on the back of the head - intuition.
  • To rush into g *** a - stand out against the general background.
  • *** for run up - to be in a situation of difficult choice, due to great diversity.
  • *** and on the forehead climbed - a state of surprise.
  • Closing *** a (on something) - deliberately ignore the shortcomings, mistakes, gaps.
  • Go where *** and look - move in some direction, not thinking about anything, on the machine, not choosing the road.
  • Callous *** a - bother.
  • *** Nametan - about people who have considerable experience in anything.
  • *** Do not tear off - about what is very much like, delights.
  • Like a thorn in *** y - about something that is extremely annoying or interfering.
  • *** but they are afraid, and their hands make (proverb) - it is worth starting a seemingly impossible task, how it ceases to seem like that.
  • *** And crying - a lot, long and bitter tears.
  • *** but envious, hands raking - about greedy, greedy person.
  • To hide *** a - to be ashamed, shy.
  • With the naked *** ohm - literally: without ancillary equipment; can be seen with the naked eye - obviously.
  • *** without blinking - swiftly, without hesitation, without hesitation, quickly.

Suggestions with the word "eye"

To better understand the meaning of phraseological units with the word "eyes", we recommend that you study the examples of sentences presented below:

Phraseologisms with the word eye of the eye

  1. Remember ten phraseological units with the words "eye" and "eye".
  2. The lieutenant colonel was embarrassed, ashamed of the uncontrolled outbreak of anger, he hid his eyes from his wife and his young sons.
  3. How tired I am: my eyes are sticking together, my legs are not moving, my head does not understand.
  4. The eyes of an elderly woman weakened, and the doctor advised her to wear glasses constantly.
  5. From this computer, I have already gathered my eyes into a heap.
  6. The mother has no eyes - only the heart, big, hot, sensitive, loving.
  7. Do not slander, Nikolai Konstantinovich could not be mistaken: he has a diamond eye.
  8. His attitude towards Alyonushka was visible to all with the naked eye.
  9. The director of the local branch was out of sorts that day, shouted a lot, so the subordinates tried not to catch his eye.
  10. Write all the phraseologies known to you with the word "eyes" (color does not matter).
  11. Victor Viktorovich walked his eyes to the eyes, not understanding the road, without feeling the icy drops of rain flowing down the collar of his cloak, he was drunk.
  12. Her answer was read by Oleg in the eyes, cold, ruthless, severe.
  13. This platoon was in all soldiers as a thorn in the eye: he did not allow me to step calmly either, without any shouting, insults and censures.
  14. How do you know everything, you did not look at them: you probably have eyes on the back of your head?
  15. From the seen at mother Pavlik eyes on a forehead climbed.
  16. Alexey caught all her desires, every thought read in the eyes.
  17. And without a blink, Anatoly lied that he worked in the ministry.
  18. How could you choose this, do not you have that eye?
  19. The darkness stood at least an eye pierced, Marianne was afraid to go home alone and stayed overnight at a friend.
  20. Julia Alexandrovna was so beautiful that her eyes could not be torn off: white porcelain skin, iridescent eyes, pink plump lips, thin waist, slender, chiseled figure.
  21. Stop flirting, stop shooting with your eyes and laugh too loudly, even provocatively.
  22. The education of Marina Anatolyevna was striking to everyone.
  23. Private Babitsky saw with his own eyes what was happening that night in the living room, but he was afraid to tell about it.
  24. Oleg gazed intently into the eyes of his beloved girl and apart from them he could not see anything around.
  25. About the eyes: blue, green, brown, gray black - written a lot of prose, songs and poems.
  26. Eyes need care: you need to take regular vitamins and do special gymnastics.
  27. First, Yuri Krasnokraev seemed an honest and decent man, but then his eyes blinded the bribes.
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