There are various tasks in the school program andrequirements. "The problem of choosing a profession", an essay (EGE), can become necessary for the performance of work for children of different ages. The parents' task is to tell their son or daughter how correctly and in what order to express their thoughts for high praise and praise from the teacher.

the problem of choosing a profession

How to draw up a plan for writing

"The problem of choosing a profession" (essay, USE) can be written according to the following plan:

  • Introductory part. It should briefly describe the essence of the work and tell what will be discussed in the assignment.
  • In the main part, describe in detail the reason for the problem of choosing your vocation and state your thoughts on the parameters for choosing your future profession.
  • Completion of the essay should be conclusions, which will be told about how not to be mistaken with the choice of a post, so as not to regret later.

Such a plan will help to disclose such a topic as"The problem of choosing a profession" (composition, USE). Adhering to the correct order of writing, the student will not miss important points and will express his thoughts to the fullest.

"The problem of choosing a profession" - an essay (USE), a short version

It is not necessary to state your views inlong sayings. You can briefly describe the thoughts, not missing the main idea of ​​the work. When a teacher who teaches Russian, the essay "The problem of choosing a profession" asks to write home (as a homework, and not essays on the USE), it can be as follows:

"To date, you can often hear,how difficult it is to choose the right office for a full-fledged future. I believe that the main problem is the influence of third parties on the choice. Parents are chosen most often by faculties that are prestigious and in demand. In this case, the opinion of the person who arrives is not always taken into account.

To choose the profession that really isbring pleasure, you need to understand yourself. First of all, you need to consider what position you would like to dedicate your life to. Work, as is known, should please and give inspiration. That's why you should consider what your heart is for. No profession will bring the desired, if the duties are carried out through force, without zeal and enthusiasm.

Personally, when I choose my profession, I plan with my parents to discuss their interests. I am sure that my mother and father will gladly accept my side and support my desire. "

Russian composition problem of choosing a profession

Such an essay, despite its tightness,conveys the basic idea, which must be stated in the story. Such work can be written not only as a homework, but also as an essay for an exam.

An expanded essay-reasoning "The problem of choosing a profession" for schoolchildren

There are disciples who prefer to present their thoughts in detail. For them, "The problem of choosing a profession" (essay, USE) can be as follows:

"It is very important to choose a true calling for yourself. Sometimes a person can not decide which business he wants to devote his life to. It is misunderstanding of self that is the main reason for the problem of choosing a profession among the inhabitants of the world.

the problem of choosing a profession

I have a living example when, because of an incorrectthe person wasted a significant period of his life. Our neighbor all his life, starting with the school desk, was very fond of drawing. The talent was noticeable at an early age. For some reason, when it was time to enter the institute, the parents selected for him the Faculty of Economics. To find a decent job, the neighbor decided to become an accountant. Figures, calculations, reports - all this fell heavily on the shoulders of a man. He did not see himself in this sphere, so he often encountered problems in the process of activity. In the evenings, he continued to draw.

Once there was an incident that turned him overa life. In the company where he worked as an accountant, they announced a talent contest. Without thinking, the man brought his best work. All the staff were shocked by the magnificent creations. One of his colleagues worked in a baguette workshop and was looking for a good artist to promote and hold exhibitions around the world. It was then that the hour of our neighbor's apartment arrived. The man has changed. He smiles all the time, his eyes show inspiration and zeal to achieve goals. It is not surprising, because a person should do what he likes, only then he will achieve the top.

Inspired by its history, I realized that it was notyou need to go on about parents and grandparents. Of course, they want the best for us. Nevertheless, our opinion should be decisive. If there are talents and hobbies, then, starting from them, you need to choose a future profession. Betting on prestigious faculties will not lead to anything good if a person does not like to do what the profession requires. "

Such an essay is suitable for school-age children. Expanded, with live examples, it will allow you to get a good evaluation and fully express your thoughts.

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