The composition "Whom I want to become" is often askedpupils of primary classes. And here it is not only the goal of raising the level of literacy and developing the ability to express your thoughts correctly. Writing this work is an excellent opportunity for schoolchildren to reflect on a given topic.

writing who I want to be


It is important to know that the essay "Whom I want to become" -this is a work that, like any other essay, has a structure. It must be adhered to. Of course, for high school students, it looks rather detailed: the topic, the epigraph, the introduction, the content, the theses, the arguments, the conclusion, the conclusions and the author's opinion. Schoolchildren who are enrolled in primary school need only observe the three-part form. This is an introduction, content and conclusion. You can write a short plan before you start working, so that you can not forget anything. It will be easier.

Introduction and imprisonment occupy about 30 percent of all work. 70% is all the main part, content. In principle, this is all you need to know a junior student.


Introduction should cover the topic, as well astune the reader to familiarize themselves with the text. The composition "Whom I want to become" can be started as follows: "The issue of choosing future activity is very serious. Someone else has not decided what will be done in the future, others have already decided. I belong to the second. Of course, it's too early to talk about anything, because my opinion can still change. But I would very much like to become a veterinarian. This is a very noble and useful profession. " On these lines it is quite possible to finish and go to the content.

The opposite variant will sound like this: "Choosing further activities is a very responsible decision. I understand this, and yet do not know who I will be in the future. Maybe a teacher. Or a doctor. Or maybe I'll start engineering. The exact answer will be given to this question with the passage of time. So far it remains only to choose. " This entry is also quite enough. The main idea will be stated in the next, main part.

 essay I want to become a doctor


What to write further? How to unfold the thought in such a work as the composition "What do I want to become"? In fact, this is an individual matter. On the examples mentioned above, one can imagine the further possible development of the text. Approximately this may look like the continuation of the topic of the veterinarian: "Why do I want to become it? First, I love animals. And I would like to help them. All animals are defenseless, and they have no one who could take care of them. If a person can himself deal with his problems, then the animals can not. They are easily offended and hurt. And I would very much like to treat them and save such dear lives of cats, dogs, birds and all others. " Here, in principle, how can I continue the composition "I want to become a vet doctor."

What about the second example? Its continuation can look like this: "I will choose my profession only when I am sure that this is exactly what I could do. A doctor is a responsibility. Teacher - experiences and overwork. Astronaut - promising, but unattainable. A scientist is something that requires a lot of time. I do not know what would suit me. But, I think, in due course I will be able to make the right choice. "

I want to become a teacher

the end

And, finally, the conclusion. Whether it's an essay "I want to become a teacher", or some other essay, its end should be concise. A few suggestions that will take the essence of all the above and put it to the point. You can end this way: "The choice of a profession is important to make meaningful. After all, in fact, this is what you will then have to do all your life. Of course, many change their activities, but you have to retrain, re-gain experience. Therefore, it is worth not to admit such mistakes and take responsibility responsibly to your choice. "

That's basically it. The most important thing when writing a composition is to observe the structure and correctly express your thoughts. Then it will be the right job.

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