The school program has such tasks ascompositions on various subjects. This is not surprising, because this kind of creativity helps the child to open and show his inner world. The composition "My profession" will make it clear the level of development of the baby. And also such a task will help in self-expression and self-expression.

composition my profession

Layout of the composition

Parents as well as teachers need helpthe child express his own thoughts in the right order. For this purpose, the writing of a plan for toddlers is ideal, starting from which, they will be able to write a great essay "My Profession". For example, you can take the following option:

  • Introduction. In this part, you should tell us which professions are most attractive, why they like them.

  • In the main part you need to tell in detail about why you like exactly the profession that was discussed in the first paragraph. What factors became decisive in its choice.

  • In the final part, it is worthwhile to tell what other professions might interest. And also draw a concise conclusion about what needs to be done to achieve this goal.

Such a plan will help the child to put thoughts in the right order and get a high estimate for the task performed.

The composition "My Profession" for the little ones

Already from an early age, children have ideas that,what they want to be when they grow up. Some people are impressed by the profession of mother or father. And someone wants to gain skills in order to start their own activities in adult life. In any case, the composition "My Profession" will be easily written.

my future profession writing

The most important thing is to correctly guide the child's thoughts. For this, you can show an example of an essay:


"There are many professions, each of them is important and necessary, personally, like my mother, I want to work in a bank." I really like the office and the workplace itself.

First of all, I want to be a banker, becauseI like counting money and sorting out documents. I think that I could very well get to become a bank manager or open my own. Mom says that this desire is not bad.

But that I could work in a bank, I need a goodstudy. There, mathematics is needed, and literature is useful, as well as grammar. Therefore, I diligently do my homework and study at school so that, when I grow up, I can fulfill my dream. "


"I like watching programs that show how to take care of animals." Because of these programs, I had a dream - I want to become a veterinarian.

I love animals, so I think that such workwill be given to me easily and simply. In order for me to become a doctor for animals, I must study well, because medicine requires a lot of knowledge. Mathematics is useful to know how many medicines to give to animals if they get sick. Russian language will be needed to write prescriptions.

I'm sure that I will succeed. And soon I will help animals. "

composition my profession

"My Future Profession" essay for high school students

Pupils of the senior classes can take as an example the following variant of the composition:


"When I graduate from school and college, I dream of becoming a programmer." I love playing on the computer, and my main idea is writing the game.

In order to become a programmer, Iit will take a lot of knowledge. That's why I'm now studying the mathematics, grammar, and literature diligently. I am sure that the most important thing is desire. And if there is a dream, there will be no obstacles on the way.

I will try to get the job of my dreams. "

Having written a sincere and open composition, a child can get a good mark and realize a dream.

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