Sooner or later, each student will needwrite the essay "If I were the director of the school." Most schoolchildren use their prepared works without hesitation, choosing and rewriting certain proposals. And more conscientious people are puzzling over where to start and what to write about.

Where to start the text?

The essay "If I were the director of the school", you canstart with an exclamation or interrogative sentence. For example, "Am I the director of the school?" Or "It can not be! I'm the principal of the school! ". This practice is rarely told to students. For most teachers, it is important that the text has an introduction, the main part and conclusions. Technically, this is a true strategy, but it is equally important that the student express his own point of view. Therefore, to start the essay "If I were the school principal" it is better with simple sentences that describe the fact that you unexpectedly became the head of an educational institution. This will be more than enough and technically, and practically.

essay if I was the principal of the school

What can I write about?

"If I became the director of the school" - an essayreally fascinating. In it you can write about everything that a particular student lacks in his school. A new gymnasium, an indoor pool, the latest technology - everything a fantasy can reach, can be used as a material for writing. Quite often there are texts whose authors want to change the teaching staff, or even close the school altogether. But there are also such works, which describe in detail how the lessons should take place, how the pupils should deal with the changes, how much time to spend in school and how to bear responsibility for their actions. The essay "If I were the director of the school" is not just a task in Russian, but also a method that helps to determine the emotional state of schoolchildren in a particular institution. Therefore, the more detailed the student describes his desires, the easier it will be for the management of the school to determine what is missing in the school and how this can be remedied.

if I was the school principal

Sample text

"If I were the director of the school" - an essayquite easy, and the main problem that the students face is the fear of being misunderstood. After all, each student has his desires and claims, which he can express freely in the composition. Therefore, you can write about everything that boils down, the main thing is that there are no mistakes in the text, and it was technically correctly built. For example:

"Today is my first day as a school principal. I do not have much time, so I will try to make as many positive changes as possible to my school.

The first thing I do is pick up new teachers. Those who will not constantly break down on the students, do not focus only on knowledge, but will become a friend for the younger generation. In classes there will never be a division into those who are good and bad learns - all are equal, and the attitude to all will be the same. The learning process should also be changed. Each lesson should be designed in such a way as to interest the student. Do not just give him information, but encourage him to find the answer himself. Particular attention will be paid to those students who dream of achieving success in a certain field. They will be divided into groups of interests, specially for them will be organized training camps, where well-known representatives of a profession will give master classes. And, of course, the school will have an incentive program. Students will be encouraged not for good grades, but for independent achievements. Someone decided to write a book or after school, independently engaged in sports, someone defends their friends or takes part in social actions. It will take into account not the figures in the journal, but the personal growth of each student, his noble intentions and purposefulness.

if I became the school's director

The school is the place where the future is brought upgeneration. It is from these children in the future will determine the fate of the country, so they should brave not so much the assessments received for the control, as much knowledge that they are interested and easy to learn. And also be good people, who know such words as "understanding", "compassion" and "honesty."

Each composition is an interesting task, and there is no student who can not write it. There are only those who hesitate to express their true thoughts.

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