Unfortunately, sometimes when you try to accessto some site or even when connecting to the Internet, many users see an error in the message stating that it is not possible to convert the DNS server address. What to do in this situation, not every user knows. But, as it turns out, there are no special reasons for concern, since the malfunction is eliminated quite simply.

Why can not I convert the server's DNS address?

As you know, DNS servers are toolsinterpretation of Internet resource addresses from a numerical expression to a symbolic one, in which letters, numbers, and special characters can be used in addresses.

Can not convert server dns address

So what is the reason for the fact that sometimes the system does notcan I resolve the DNS server address? Typically, this may be the effect of viruses, the removal of an antivirus product (often such is observed with Avast), "gathering" of network settings or incorrectly set parameters. Let's consider some typical situations with possible methods of troubleshooting.

Error "Can not convert DNS server address": what should I do first?

First of all, you should check your computer for viruses. Little, perhaps, the reason is really in this. But you need to use some third-party product for this, and not a regular scanner.

But even if no viruses are found, the system willit can also issue a message stating that the DNS server address can not be resolved. So, the problem is just in the network settings. Therefore, you first need to check whether such a message is issued only when you access a particular site or even all pages when you try to open them. If possible, it's better to check access from several devices, say, from a desktop computer, laptop and smartphone. If only one site does not answer, it is possible that technical work is simply carried out on it. If access is blocked for all resources, the problem may have a cause on the part of the provider. But if you can access from one device, the reason that the system can not resolve the DNS server address is to look for the network settings you have set.

Checking the status of the DNS client

On a desktop or laptop computer, you should first check the status of the DNS client.

error can not convert dns server address

To do this, you use the services section, whichyou can enter through the administration of the computer, but it's easier to just enter the services.msc command in the Win + R console). Here you need to find the appropriate line and look at the type of launch you have set. The parameter must match the automatic start. If the value is different, call the property menu and change it.

Monitoring the settings of the protocol used

If this solution does not work, you need to use network settings, in particular, the default protocol (usually IPv4).

We find it in the section of changing network settingsadapter, click the properties button and check that it is installed in the fields of the preferred and alternative DNS-server. It is possible, as it often happens, to automatically obtain parameters.

why can not I convert the server's dns address

You can try to change them to values,offered by the Google Public DNS service. Here in one line you should set four eights, and in the other - two eights and two fours. In principle, which combination will be used for each type of server, does not play a special role.

Clear DNS cache and restore settings

Finally, if the error message stating that you still can not convert the DNS server address appears again, you can simply clear the DNS cache or even reset the parameters.

can not convert dns server address what to do

For the cache, use the command line,Running with the rights of the administrator, which prescribes ipconfig / flushdns. You can, of course, add more commands to re-register the configuration, but in most cases there will be enough cleanup.

Can not convert server dns address

In principle, if such things are dealt withlaziness, you can download and install on your computer a special application of Microsoft Fix It! (by the way, it was designed to eliminate errors in connecting to the Internet). It's enough just to activate the utility and wait for the scanning process to finish and fix the failures (the processes run completely automatically without user intervention).

Instead of an afterword

In general, the proposed solutions alloweliminate a lot of problems related to DNS settings. They are equally applicable not only to the error described above, which has the 105th code, but also to some other failures, when problems of this nature are named as the main reason for the lack of communication or access to resources. But if you approach the elimination of a malfunction from a practical point of view, many users who are not particularly versed in network settings can be advised to use the "native" program from Microsoft, especially since no one knows the Windows system better than themselves. But in principle, if at least some notions about the system settings are still there, it is better to turn to solutions without using an automatic fixture.

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