Today we will talk a little about what the Wins-server is for. After reading this material, you will have an idea of ​​its purpose. So, what is it used for?

Win server is needed in order to matchay-pi addresses with the names of certain computers, also called NetBios, in a dynamic way. The abbreviation of the name of this server is as follows: "The service of Windows Internet names". Thanks to this service, you, as well as all other users have the opportunity to use not the address of the computer to access resources, but its name.

wins server

In order for the installation andserver setup, you will need some skills and skills of the system administrator, as well as a computer or laptop. First you need to make sure that some important conditions are met, and only after that go to the installation of the Vince server.

The most important thing is the correct settingown OS. In a system like Windows Server, the most optimal settings are provided, but you still need to check whether all services are correctly configured. This is done in order to ensure optimal performance, as well as safety.

installation and configuration of the server
You still need to decide whatThe number of servers you need to install and what their location will be. Also, do not forget that your device must have a static IP address. Without this condition, you will not be able to configure the Winserver.

Still it is necessary to be convinced that all available atyou disks are reformatted into the NTFS file system. If you use FAT32 for these purposes, you will completely sacrifice safety. After all, this type of file system does not support the compression of data, their encryption, as well as setting the permission to access files. When setting up the Winserver, do not forget that the Windows firewall is active. Install and activate the Security Configuration Wizard.

win server

As soon as you fill all these conditions,run the special wizard that is responsible for configuring the server. To do this, go to the management program for this server. It is located in the "Administration" section, which is called through the "Start" and "Control Panel". I hope, as it is done, you know. When the wizard starts, select the command that adds or removes the role. Also, on the server role tab, select the Wins server option, and then click the "Next" button. After that, the installation will continue.

Then you should go to the "Summary" tabselected parameters "in which you will need to find the necessary settings.Click" Next. "After that, you should wait for the installation to complete.When this happens, a window will appear informing that this server is Wins.Complete the system update, then enter the desired address in the option path to the database, this completes your setup.

That's basically all I wanted to tell you. I hope you got the necessary information on this issue. Now you have an idea of ​​how this works.

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