Want to know how to make a permanent IP address? Let's see what this address is, in order to better understand the existing options. When you connect to the Internet, each computer is assigned Internet Protocol Address.

Types of IP-addresses

Perhaps someone does not know, two types are knownsuch addresses: static and dynamic. A dynamic address is assigned automatically when connected to the network. It applies a limited period of time, usually while there is an Internet connection. Providers tend to give customers dynamic addresses. But they can tell their customers how to make a permanent IP-address.

How to make a permanent ip-address

As for the static address, itsprescribe in computer settings or issue when connecting to the global network. It can be used without time limits, and can not be assigned to another device. It happens that the static address operates while the device is working (it can be tens years).

Why you might need a permanent address

Why are some people interested in how to do it?a permanent IP address, why do they need it? It often does not matter if there is a permanent IP or not. But it may be needed, for example, gamers. Someone likes "Counter strike", on the static address his public server is found by other players. But with a changing IP it is more difficult for you to look. By adding the server to special monitoring systems, gamers with static IP increase attendance, which adds to their popularity among the players. And with a dynamic address, this is impossible. This is one of those cases in which people think about how to make a permanent IP address.

Dedicated ip-address

Options for obtaining a permanent address for your computer

Providers provide it for a fee. The given service consists in allocation of the separate address that strengthens safety, and still increases functionality, allows to avoid some difficulties. Acquiring such an address will make you an independent network member, then hacker attacks are not so terrible. Secure the defense of SSL-certificates. Some people think that a dedicated IP address affects search engine rankings, but it's not.

Another way to get a permanentaddress, is available even for novice users. It will cost for free, and is possible thanks to a free online service that can convert an IP address to the desired domain name. Visit no-ip.com, click More Info, then on the new page - SIGN UP NOW - you need to fill in the required fields (name, surname, e-mail, password and confirmation), read the terms of service, agree with them. There will be a page with a link for downloading a special program WDUC. It will update the DNS servers to match the IP of the selected server name.

My external ip
A letter will be sent to the post office, confirm yourregistration, enter login, password. Install the downloaded program, specify the domain name. Log in to the account on the site, press YOUR NO-IP. Links will appear, you must select Hosts / Redirects, click Add, a page will open where there is a choice of a domain name. In the Host Type field, select "DNS Host (A)", and in Hostname enter any name. Click Create Host. In WDUC, locate the Refresh Host List, then you will see your DNS in the window. Click Options, enable:

  • automatic start when there is an activation ("Run on startup");
  • system service.

Perhaps you used to beusers who asked: "What is my external IP?". Now you will know how it differs from the internal. This IP address is unique not just among a group of computers, but in the entire Internet. As you can see, it's not so hard to make IP static if necessary!

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