At a time when you are viewing anysites or pages on the Internet, when accessing various sites on your monitor screen, you may receive the message "Error 502". In this case, you can not open the pages of sites, and you do not have the opportunity to view and explore the resources of this site. Typically, this error occurs because there are problems in the operation of the servers, mostly DNS, a proxy or a hosting server, which currently has an inaccessible site.

Error 502

The expression "error 502 bad gateway" can betranslate as an "incorrect gateway". This will mean that the browser (Internet browser) on your computer, when requesting any information from the website, received an unacceptable response from another server (DNS or proxy server). This is reported to the user when the message "502 error" is displayed on the screen.

Most Internet usersfaced such a mistake, but for some it may be the first time. What to do when the message "Error 502" appeared on the screen of your computer? First of all, it is necessary to check whether there is any access to the Internet at all. To do this, dial in the browser the address of another site that is guaranteed to work at the moment, because, for example, corporate access to the Internet is done through a proxy server, and not immediately through a modem connected to your computer or built into it. If in the latter case the error is detected in more detail, then when the Internet accesses via the local network, the system does not have the ability to check the error. In this regard, the user does not have to do anything else, how to find out the reasons for its appearance by indirect methods.

error 502 bad gateway

If access to the Internet is available, but whenrepeated attempt to request a page from the necessary site still pops up the message "Error 502", in this case you should try to delete cookies for this site or all that is available in your browser.

To do this, you can do the following:

  • for Internet Explorer versions 7+: go to the "Tools" menu, then select "Internet Options", click on the "Delete" button, and then on the "Delete Cookies" button;
  • for earlier versions of Internet Explorer: go to the "Tools" menu, search for "Internet option" and click "Delete cookies";
  • for Fierefox: go to Tools, search for "Settings", select "Cookies" and click on "Clear Cookies";
  • for Opera: go to the "Tools", select "Delete personal data" and tick the required options;
  • for Google Chrome: go to Tools, click History, click on Clear History, and then on Clear Cookies.

502 error

In normal, normal operation such an errorappears very rarely, only in cases of reboot of web servers. If it is noted for more than thirty seconds, you should try to clear the browser's cache, cookies, and restart the browser itself

If after the cleaning actionscookies the message "Error 502" appears on the screen, it means that everything is in order with your computer and the network, and most likely, there were just problems with the server. In this case, you should wait a little while the administrators do not solve these problems, and then try again.

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