"Maynkraft", despite the seeming visualsimplicity, rather resource-intensive game. It is written in the Java language and consumes a lot of RAM by default. But many players in Maynkraft, for various reasons, have rather weak computers that do not allow them to comfortably enjoy their favorite game. What to do then?

Install additional programs foroptimizing the game? Reduce graphics settings? It is possible, but there is another method to increase productivity: increase the allocated volume of "RAM", which will consume the game.

In this article, you will learn how to allocate more RAM for Minecraft.

how to allocate more RAM for minecraft

Where to begin?

To begin it is necessary to find out the built-in RAM,which is currently in your personal computer. This can be done by going to the "Settings" (or "Control Panel"). There you need to select the subsection "System". Then click "About the system". Opposite the line "Installed RAM" will be written the amount of RAM stored in the computer.

Now you can go to the question of how to allocate more RAM for Minecraft.

Attention! If 5 GB of RAM is built into your personal computer, then it is recommended to allocate, for example, 4 GB, on the "Maincraft", but not more. It is logical that the system itself, in which the game is running, also requires some amount of RAM.

How to allocate more RAM for Minecraft?

After you figure out the volumeinstalled RAM, update the Java SE version. This is a prerequisite not only for a comfortable game in Maynkraft, but generally for the correct launch of the application. If you have a 32-bit system, then download Java x32. With a 64-bit version, the situation is similar.

Then you need to open the licensed launcher "Maynkraft" in a special way. Namely, you need to click on the PCM icon on the game icon and open it with administrator rights.

A window opens with the game running. In its lower left corner, where the game account is selected, there is a Edit Profile button. In the opened tab at the very bottom it is necessary to find the line "JVM Arguments". If there is no tick, you need to put it - activate the function. This is directly related to how to increase the amount of RAM for Minecraft.

A line next to "JVM Arguments" will be available. In it, just enter the value of the "RAM" allocated to the application. This is done as follows: -Xmx $ G. Instead of the sign "$" you need to enter a number indicating the amount of RAM allocated.

It remains only to save the profile and start playing.

how to increase the amount of RAM for minecraft

The result

Now you know how to allocate more RAM for Minecraft. To do this, as it turned out, is not at all difficult and under everyone's power.

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