Installing mods on Minecraft is a processquite simple, although it seems to many users difficult. With our instructions you will learn how to install Forge and configure any mod. The game will become more interesting due to new subjects - small and large.

how to install forge

What is needed for this?

We will need the game version 1 itself.6 (it is recommended to use the version below, but 1.6 will also come down), a special launcher, the modes themselves (there are a lot of them, most of them are available on the Internet for free), as well as Forge. Below we describe how to install Forge and use it to install mods. But first things first.

How to install a mod with Forge: instruction

First of all, download the program Tlauncher from the official site. Thanks to this launcher, we will not have to do many unnecessary actions.

install forge mod

Then we proceed as follows:

  • We find in the web of fashion, which we want to install. There are a lot of them, so one is not necessary. You can download several mods at once, but we will install them sequentially. By the way, pay attention to the description of add-ons. Some of them may be obsolete, that is, developed for older versions of the game. It is important that the version of the mod match with the version of the game. Of course, sometimes versions of mods and games may not coincide, but at the same time work successfully. But it is better that they coincide.
  • Download the add-ons on the computer. The folder is not important, you can even download them to your desktop.

Now find out how to install in Minecraft Forge using the launcher:

  • Open our downloaded launcher and find Forge(it will necessarily be present in the version list). It is important to choose the Forge of the same version as the downloaded mode itself. For example, if you download the popular EnderBags version 1.10.2, then you need to choose in the launcher to install and Forge 1.10.2.
  • Now open the folder with the game. It's where you installed the game. If you are too lazy to search, then just click on the folder icon in the very launcher where we just installed Forge. So you will immediately find yourself in the right directory.

how to install minecraft forge

  • In the directory with the game there is a folder Mods. It is created immediately after installing Forge (any version). We open it and copy there the mod downloaded from the Internet with the extension .jar or .rar.
  • Again launch the launcher and enter the Forge. There is a button in the menu mods. Push it and see the mod installed there. This means that he has already appeared in the game, and now you can try to play the game Minecraft with a new mod. In the same way, we install all the subsequent modifications that you like.

Now you know how to install Forge and fashion for the game. There is nothing complicated or incomprehensible in this method.

Possible difficulties

It is worth noting that not always the installation of modswill proceed as smoothly as described in this method. Sometimes the modifications themselves may be inoperative or problematic. For example, some developers pack fashion in format .zip, but we need .rar or .jar. In this case, the extension needs to be changed.

If the modification fails to installeven after changing the extension, then just delete it and look for a new one, because the problem may not always be in you. Sometimes trivial developers "kosyachat" and release non-working fashion. Now, knowing how to install Forge and fashion, enjoy great game features.

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