Today anyone can build their ownworld in your phone or tablet, just by installing the "Maincraft" for Android in your mobile device. Someone marked the porting of the game from personal computers a new milestone of gaming. Anyway, but today in Minecraft you can play when you are traveling on a train or waiting in a long queue.

how to install Minecraft on Android

It is noteworthy that the game provides the user with all the functionality of the PC version. All the features previously available only on the big screen of the computer are now pocketed.

If you do not already know what Minecraft is,time to see the game with my own eyes. The game is nothing complicated and archival. The player builds his ideal world using blocks in the form of cubes. Blocks can be combined to create new tools or building materials.

At first glance it seems that there is nothing in the game -no graphics, no ideas, no mechanics, but that's why she is attractive. First you do not have anything, but then a pick appears in your hands, then boards, several boards create a wall of the house, several boards and some metal create an oven ... And so it goes on and on. Some players create 32-bit processors in the game using simple triggers and switches.

How to install Minecraft on Android

When installing the game from Google Play, you simply need to find the page with the application by typing Minecraft in the search bar and tapping on the "Install" button. The program is automatically installed.

Do not be discouraged if access to the officialthere is no repository, because you can install Minecraft on Android in another way. First, download the game installer to the PC. Fortunately, today there are many sites that distribute popular apk-files. Connect your phone or tablet to your computer and copy the downloaded file to a USB flash drive or internal memory. Open any file manager inside the smartphone and tap on the file just transferred.

The OS will prompt you to install the application, which is what we need, boldly click on the "Install" button and wait for the operation to complete. That's all, Minecraft is installed, you can start the game.

Beginning of the game

Start the game through the main menu of the phone. After starting the game on the "World" tab, you need to choose which game process is preferable from the two - survival or creativity.

The second provides unlimited possibilitiesfor creativity. Build a world without obstacles and dangers. In the survival mode, it will be safe to create safely in the daytime, at night and in the caves of the player will be in danger in the form of creepers and zombies.

After the choice, click on the "Create a world" button and do not forget where the shutdown button is located, because the game is very addictive.

Installing add-ons

android fashion for maynkraft

The game is installed on Android. Mods on the "Maincraft" set a little more difficult. Usually such updates change either the visual part, or add new maps.

To set the textures, copy all the files to thephone memory. Then install the PocketTool program in your device. Open any file manager and, using the usual "cut paste" commands, move the textures to the directory: sdcard / Android / data / com.snowbound.pockettool / textures

Launch the PocketTool application, in the ToolKit menuselect Change Texture. Now in the top section you can list the context commands with a long tap on the file. In the drop-down list, click the Use button. With each texture, this operation must be performed separately. Do not forget to click the Apply Changes button when you finish the transfer of the graphics.

Additional cards

Just like installing Minecraft on Android, installing new maps is quite easy.

First download the desired card from the Internet. Find where the game files are located in the device, there are two possible options:

  • sdcard / games / com.mojang / minecraftworlds;
  • Android / data / com.mojang / minecraftworlds.

Move the downloaded files to one of these directories by any file manager. Nothing more is needed - you can build and break.

maynkraft for android

The presented game has hundreds of thousandsfans who not only play it, but also discuss regular updates on the forums, try to make it better by creating new modifications and stunning maps. If you did not manage to build the world on a PC, you have the opportunity to do the same on a mobile device, since it's very easy to install Minecraft on Android.

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