Today we will talk about how to remove lags inMinecraft. The fact is that many fans of this game at least once in the midst of the process encountered an unexpectedly arisen problem. The world of "Maykraft" suddenly began to hang, and such difficulties spoiled all the fun of virtual life. Without lags the game will start to work perfectly.


how to clean lag in minecraft
To understand how to eliminate lags inMinecraft, we'll need some mods and the latest version of Java. First of all, problems arise if the computer used is weak. Let's try to find out the cause of what is happening. It often turns out that the problem is related to the incorrect operation of the software platform known as Java. In this case, to fix the problem and figure out how to reduce the lags in Minecraft or completely remove them, go to the task manager and look at the list of processes, how many applications with the specified name are active at the time the game starts. If there are more than one, complete the excess by clicking the appropriate button.


how to reduce lags in minecraft
To solve the problem of "how to remove lags in Minecraft"The method described above is not always effective. If it does not help, we move on to more radical actions. Namely - reinstalling Java. Download the installer with a newer version and replace it with the already deployed software platform on the PC. This approach will allow the game to work better. Next, go to the "Start" menu, move from there to the "Control Panel", look for Java there and select the view. A special window opens. In its empty line, enter the desired RAM indicators allocated to Minecraft.

Other options

how to eliminate lags in minecraft
In order to fully solve the problem "asIf you set this parameter to 4 gigabytes, enter the line Runtime Parameters: -Xmx3748M and -Xms978M.Therefore, these figures indicate the maximum and minimum amount of RAM that is allocated for the application.The above parameters are only suitable for versions of 64-bit Windows.If you are using the operating system 32x, we enter one value, namely Xmx.Now we specify no more than 1 gigabyte. us.

The next step is to editvideo card settings. If Nvidia is used, go through the "Start" menu to "Control Panel". We find there a tool called Control Panel, which refers to the video card, and run it. Choose the item that offers to adjust the parameters of the 3D image. It can be found in the opened window on the right side. From the appeared lines we are interested in those that are related to the vertical sync pulse and triple buffering. In this case, we turn off the first of the parameters, and turn on the second one. Among other things, OptiFine can help in solving difficulties. Download it and install it on your PC. Using it, you can optimize the work by using the hidden resources of the system and disabling unnecessary functions. We make through this add-on setting the graphics, based on the technical characteristics of the computer. Now you know how to remove lags in Minecraft. The described actions can significantly improve the quality of the game process.

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