Minecraft - a game in the genre of "sandbox", createdMarcus Persson, the founder of the company Mojong. The game makes it possible to create and destroy three-dimensional blocks, and also apply signs in the original, pixel environment. So, you decided to play, but something happened - it does not start Minecraft. What to do?

First steps

does not run minecraft

Of course, the first thing you need to calm down and pull yourself together. Most likely, your problem will be solved very quickly and painlessly. Therefore, try the following actions.

  • Remove the client and reinstall the Java SE libraries.
  • Download the Minecraft client again and unpack it to any other folder (you can also on another disk).
  • Open the game through the launcher, wait until the game is updated.
  • Open the launcher and update the client.
  • Open the client through Java.
  • Download the new drivers on your graphics card (they can be the same version, if not more current).
  • Look at the log in the game pack.

Further methods of solution

If Minecraft still does not work, you do not need to call technical support right away. Look below the list of problems, for sure you will find there a solution:

1) If you see "org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated" - then you need to update the graphics card drivers to the current version.

2) The message "javalangClassFormatError: net / minecraft / D / ad" - disable ad blocking in Kaspersky Anti-Virus, and delete version.md5, should help.

3) Do not run Minecraft and write "Could not create the Java virtual machine" - too little virtual memory, try reinstalling Java SE.

4) "Out of Memory" - usually such an error "crashes" when there is a shortage of RAM. Try turning off shaders and dynamic lights.

does not work minecraft
Check the RAM and restart the game.

5) The message "Invalid user key", and does not startMinecraft. This means that you entered the wrong password from the account. Try changing the layout and check the Caps Lock key. And at the same time, it is not superfluous to remember exactly the password under which you registered.

6) "Connection reset" on your screenmeans that the server you were playing on has disabled you. Often this is due to the loss of the Internet connection to the server, or to problems on the Internet. You can, of course, update the screen, wait for the download and enter the Minecraft server - setup. Perhaps you have something wrong pressed?

7) When you turn on the game "black" screen, and in errorIt is written: javalangnoClassDefFoundError. Most likely, you modified the main file minecraft.jar (installed a patch or textures). Try to remove or disable the antivirus, since it is likely that it blocks the files while the game is being updated. If it does not help, then go to the root of the game (the main folder with Minecraft). Right-click on the main icon of the maincraft and click on "File Location". Remove the file named update_f.lst from there. Start the client and wait until the game is updated.

8) The appeared message "Outdated Client" means that you have an incorrect version of the game.

minecraft server setup
Check the game patch in the lower left corner of the client, and then update through the game launcher to the required version.

9) Also, the problem "does not run Minecraft" is possible because of the installed mods. Check the requirements of the modifications to the game that you installed in the client.

If you are not helped by any of the tips, you canbegin to get frustrated. But before that, it is desirable to contact the technical support of users. Perhaps the problem is not in you and your computer. And the experts themselves will quickly fix it.

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