Today we will talk about how to do the distributorin Minecraft. In this sense, this block is unique, because it can scatter objects. However, he gives out only those things that we ourselves first place in the distributor's field. Its dimensions are 3х3.


how to make a distributor in minecraft
In order to resolve the issue of how to createdistributor in Minecraft, we need: a portion of red stone, one onion, 7 blocks of cobblestone. Among other things, we will need special ore. From it you can get a red stone. Once the components are assembled, place them appropriately and get the distributor. We place it in a suitable place.

Operating principle

Now we know how to make the distributor inMinecraft, and should understand how it works, more precisely throws out various items. Most of them will fly out, located on the territory of 3x3 blocks, not far from the device itself. However, there are a number of features. When deciding how to make a distributor in Minecraft, it should also be taken into account that fireballs, snowballs and arrows will be released with considerable force and can cause significant damage. The boat or trolley will be installed immediately, if water or rails are present in front of the distributor. From filled buckets with such equipment, we can pour liquids, respectively, into empty containers. Activate the dispenser easily with redstone devices (pressure plate, button, lever). Also for this purpose, schemes from a similar stone are used.


kraft distributor in minecraft
Among other things, the craftsman's craft in Minecraftimpossible without an onion. It's about good long-range weapons, which is incredibly effective and in itself. To make this element, you need to find 3 sticks. In addition, you need the same number of spider webs. The latter can be collected. For this, accordingly, we go to search for spiders. We should not forget that we need a lever to solve the task. This is one of many types of switches. Such levers can be placed anywhere, on any opaque block. Recently, even installing the device on the ceiling is available. The lever has 2 operating modes. The first includes mechanisms and red dust. The second - the corresponding elements deactivates. In this case, the work of the lever is able to change only the character that pressed the button. Also, this element can be used as a switch in a specific circuit. So we figured out how to do the distributor in Minecraft and what components are needed for this.

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