If you started playing this popular game, thenprobably wondered about how to do things in "Minecraft". Creating things, in fact, is the main goal of the game. When you accumulate enough resources, you can create the most incredible items that will help you survive in this virtual world.

 how to do things in minecraft
Before you learn how to do things in"Minecraft", get the resources. The main resource of a beginner is a tree, so you just need to get a few pieces of wood. From it you can make boards, and then, placing together four units of the board in the crafting menu, - a workbench. The workbench will help you create other interesting things in "Minecraft".

Do not forget to also create a stove. This block will help you to melt found ore, make charcoal or melt sand into glass.

Then be sure to do your firsttools - a pickaxe, to effectively cut through the path under the ground, a shovel, a sword, an ax for fast cutting of trees. All this can be done by combining certain blocks in a certain order. So, if you have enough to start a wooden pickaxe, place three units of boards in the top row, and below put two sticks that are crafted from the same two pieces of boards that are positioned vertically.

cool things in minecraft
It should be noted that sticks are an ingredientany weapon. They differ only in the shape and material of the tip. Having created your first tools, you can easily get the blocks necessary to create cool things in "Minecraft".

Each player needs a specific setthings that he will use every day. An important block is a bed that will help to pass away a long night, escaping from its monsters in your house. It is made of three blocks of wool, located over three blocks of boards.

Undoubtedly, you will need combat equipment. You will be able to craft your helmet, armor, leggings and boots made of iron, gold, leather or diamond. Armor made of a rare diamond will be the most durable. It can be found at great depths and extracted only with an iron pick, so take care of it in advance.

If you still have not found the answer to the question "howto make things in "Minecraft", we offer you some of the most curious: create house elements, for example, doors, windows, grids or pressure blocks. Mechanized blocks will help make life in "Minecraft" more comfortable. For example, the piston, when activated, moves the object, and the sticky piston can still return it to its original position.

interesting things in minecraft
You can create rails and wagons to quicklymove between their dwellings in the game. In this you will also help a compass made of iron and red dust. But do not forget between business and a snack: bake a cake, cookies or cook a mushroom soup. Of course, you will need to find rare ingredients, but it's worth it.

If you get bored, create a music block. If it is completely boring - look for the components of dynamite: gunpowder and sand.

By combining these or other elements, you can,having the necessary knowledge, to create even your own elementary game processor. This is not an easy task for a beginner, but you always need to set challenging goals, look for more ingredients and create your own world in this game, and then you yourself will be able to tell newbies how to do things in "Minecraft".

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