The problem of optimizing games on modern computerssharply affects each user. Despite the powerful system characteristics and assurances of sellers that you get a "gaming" laptop, the brakes and lags can start chasing you from the first day. A vivid example is the game "GTA-4". What is wrong with it? How to remove lags in "GTA-4" and other similar situations?

as in GTA 4, remove lags

A computer

The solution to the problem of how to remove lags in GTA-4,can be divided into two components. And we'll start with what you can do with the computer itself and the utilities installed on it to speed up the performance of this application.

  1. First, and most importantly. Update all available drivers on your computer. Even if you just bought it, the technique from the store usually contains outdated versions of the software, which were actual at the time of production of the device.
  2. If you have been using a particular computer for a long time,perform its hardware and software maintenance. Check with antivirus, defragment the hard drive using CCleaner, check the registry for errors. Clean the inside of the dust and change the thermal grease on the processor.
  3. Start Task Manager and find the process responsible for "GTA-4". Click on it with the right mouse button and set a higher priority.
  4. Install PhysX and go to the NVidia control panel. In the configuration, install the processor, corresponding to your video card.

There are other ways, as in "GTA-4" to remove lags. For example, installing programs that improve performance. Although this is a very dubious undertaking.

 how to remove lags in GTA 4

A game

How in "GTA-4" to remove lags with the help of internal settings? There are only a couple of valid tips.

  1. Set the game settings to "shadows" to a minimum. Often because of them, the main problems occur.
  2. Change all settings to minimum.
  3. Download and install a special patch, which worsens the graphics of the game and makes it less demanding of system parameters. Recommended for story lovers.

Now you know how to remove lags in GTA-4. If none of the tips helped, then try experimenting with the operating system, because the game was developed on Windows XP, and not the "seven".

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