It is hardly possible to describe in words how strong the world iswas carried away by "Maynkraft". This game has actually become a cult game, millions of people are delighted with it, with every day the ranks of the fans grow. After all, "Maynkraft" offers almost unlimited freedom of action, two full-fledged game modes and unforgettable impressions. What to say about replayability - every time will be for you as the first, because worlds are generated randomly, and you can always find something new.

However, it should be noted that the bestthe game demonstrates itself in the multiplayer mode, since it is here that it becomes complete, one might even say, ideal. Players can survive in the world together or try to remain the only survivors, can create masterpieces and share them with others. But above all this is the administration of the server on which the game is played. The administrator's commands in "Maincrafter" are not discussed, because he is actually the god of a specific created world, which is also quite an exciting role.

Administration of the server in "Maincrafter"

admin commands in maincraft
Someone may think that administeringthe server is rather boring, because it's much better to get full pleasure from the game, not caring about anything. Why do we need all these admin commands in the "Maincraft", zamorochki and complications, if the game and so delivers a lot of fun? Perhaps in another application this is so, but it is here to become an administrator - this is a real privilege. The fact is that the rights of the administrator give you great powers, and given the specifics of the game, you become a full-fledged ruler of one particular world. You can control it the way you want, you can forbid users to visit your world, you can kill them or give them additional experience. All in your hands. But do not forget that the ruler must be wise, otherwise he will soon be uncontrolled. If you arrange riots, deprive the lives of players just like that, then they may prefer another server. Therefore, the admin team in the "Maincraft" should be used wisely, do not exceed the authority and understand that you are working not only for yourself, but primarily for the benefit of players on your server.

Getting rid of unwanted elements

main admin commands in maincraft
In this game there are a huge number of teamsadministrator, which you will need to learn. Some of them will be needed constantly, some, perhaps you do not use it at all, but you still need to know them. First of all you need to know the admin's commands in "Maincrafter", allowing you to ban and dilute users. Do not expect an easy walk-your attackers will constantly try to infiltrate your server, which will try to spoil the life of players who want to simply enjoy the happy atmosphere of the game world. Therefore, to ensure that decent users do not escape from you, you need to protect them from those whose goal is not creation, but destruction. To do this, monitor your server, distribute bans to those who deserve them (using the / ban combination), undo undeserved penalties (command / pardon), and for the most malicious intruders use ban on ip-pi (/ ban-ip), although now in most people it is dynamic, so this option is slowly disappearing into the past. But do not think that bans are the main commands of the admin in "Maincrafter", because there are others. And they are very diverse, aimed at various aspects of the game.

Creating a Whitelist

of the admin team in maynkraft 1 7 2
In any multiplayer game there arewhite lists, which are the most conscientious players. The admin team in Meinkraft 1.7.2 allows you to create such a list and put there nicks of users who conscientiously served for the benefit of the server, did not violate the rules and, probably, made a serious contribution to its development. Most often white sheets are created on those servers where there is a certain number of regular players. It can be, for example, a server on which a full-fledged city is being built - new players can visit it, spend time there, but then leave. But there are also those who literally live in this city, and they fall into such lists. The admin team in "Maincraft 1.5.2" has not yet allowed to do such sheets, but in the new version without them there is nowhere. However, there are other teams that were at the disposal of administrators not at once, but only after a while.

Information teams

of the admin team in maynkraft 1 5 2
Naturally, basic information teams, withthe help of which the administrator could provide some important news to all the players of the server so that they are guaranteed to read this message were from the very beginning. Without this, the owners of servers could have problems, in fact, as well as the players, since the connection between the administration and ordinary users would be minimal. But later the information teams of Ch. admin in "Maynkraft" have become more diverse. It touched the players themselves. There was an opportunity to report that the user is not at the computer, that is, left the keyboard and can not respond. Action teams became available and so on. But it can not be said that all this is just as important as the admin team on the Maincraft server, which allows it to interact with the server itself.

Server management in "Maincrafter"

of the admin team in maynkraft
One of the most important admin abilities isinteraction directly with the server itself, with its software component. Players see a full-fledged world in which they can perform actions, but they do not think about what's behind all this. If the world is created in a single player game, it is stored on the player's computer, but what happens to it if it is multi-player?

To save it, there are additionalcommands for the administrator, with the help of which he can save him in that position in which he is at the moment (/ save-all - creating a backup of the current state). This allows you to protect the progress of users from both accidental drops of the server, and from the influence of griefers - those players who try to destroy what was created by others. If a serious act of grief was made, then you can download the last preservation of the world - and everything will fall into place. Of course, some of the progress will be lost, but there is nothing to be done about it. The administrator can also enable automatic saving so that you do not do this manually each time. Moreover, it has the ability to stop the server, previously saving the world (/ stop).

Interaction with the game world

admin commands on the maincraft server
Do not think that the administrator hasthe ability to interact with the game world only at this level. It can quite interfere with processes occurring on the server, monitor them and change the conditions. For example, with the help of simple commands, the administrator can change the weather, change the time of day and the year, and make many other changes. Here you need combinations such as / toggledownfall and the like. He can add mobs to the game, kill them, add or destroy blocks and change the terrain. All this is done if necessary or at the request of the players.

Impact on players

In addition, the administrator can provideimpact not only on the world, but also on the players themselves. The main commands are murder, which occurs through causing great damage, and the distribution of experience, which is passed on to the players through a certain number of special balls. It should be noted that both the damage and the experience given by the administrator is limited, that is, you can not give any of the players an infinite supply of balls - you will have to give them in small portions.

Additional commands

Naturally, this is not all the commands that are availableadmin - their huge number. He can receive information about the server, change the composition of the administration, give players different items, change the world in every possible way. The administrator's capabilities given to him by the team are almost unlimited.

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