Some time ago, lovers of the "GTA" series did notcould imagine their adored game in the multiplayer mode. This project was always single-player and offered such wide opportunities that it was not required for multiplayer. Everything changed with the release of the part of "San Andreas" - it not only provided a wonderful single mode, but also added a multiplayer. And it was not at all simple - in this mode, people began to live a parallel life. As game characters, they pick their own profession, go to work, join groups or help policemen. In general, multiplayer exceeded all expectations, but now just imagine how much work has to be done by administrators! Therefore, the SAMP admin team is available in huge numbers, they help to regulate the most diverse aspects of the game, and to cope with everything at once, even a special hierarchy of administration is introduced.

Division of admins

admin team samp
Fans of multiplayer games are used toThe fact that the headquarters of the administration has practically no division. You can note the main and his assistants, but nowhere was there such classification, as in this version of "GTA". The thing is that the SAMP admin team is very numerous, and managing with a full-fledged game world is not so easy. Therefore, as it was said before, the hierarchy was secretly adopted, which divides the administration into classes, distributing various teams among them. There are less important members who have limited rights, and there are more responsible positions, on which you will have to monitor more serious aspects of the game. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider the SAMP admin commands for each department in more detail.

The lowest level - moderators

The lowest level of administration includes threesuch as moderators. The most advanced of these is the main one, which keeps the whole segment under control. He obeys the standard moderators, but apart from them there are also beginners, that is, those who only recently expressed a desire to enter the headquarters of the administration, and received a similar opportunity. The most common commands for moderators are ban, kick and silence, that is, you can prevent the player from visiting your server, throw it out of the server one time without a global ban, or deny him the ability to write in the chat if he spammed, flooded, insulted other participants and so Further.

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Advanced moderators also receive the opportunitysend anonymous messages to the chat, which can be of a very diverse nature. Moreover, they can view the statistics of all players, check their IP addresses to ban unwanted individuals. As for the chief moderator, he can do all the same actions, but apart from them he also has additional opportunities, for example, he can easily edit the indicators of armor and life of players on the server. But it's worth looking at the SAMP admin team, as they give much more powers and, accordingly, require more responsibility.

Specialized admins

commands of the main admin in samp
In the "San Andreas" there are two very importantaspect, for which special administrators are allocated - these are transport and factions. Of course, in the "GTA" series, cars are a key component, so it's no surprise that a separate server employee is required to monitor it. But what admin commands in SAMP are needed for such a position? First of all, this is the transfer of vehicles to the desired points, traffic control on the roads, and most importantly - the distribution of vehicles to the factions. And here the posts of two specialized administrators intersect - the faction administrator, however, is mainly engaged in full control over the activities of the factions themselves, as well as changes in property and interiors.

Primary administrators

Members of the server headquarters that have nospecific specialization, are also able to carry cars and real estate, but most often these commands are not used. They have tasks more important - they have the authority to distribute weapons, ammunition, as well as armor and health. In addition, they can distribute players between factions and even change their nicknames - naturally, by agreement with the players themselves. This limits the basic commands of the SAMP server administrator.

Top management

what are admin commands in samp
The two highest posts in the headquarters of the administration arechief administrator and his assistant. They have absolutely all the powers and have access to all the teams, but most often they are not sprayed into the work that their subordinates are already doing. The commands of the main administrator in SAMP and his assistant mainly concern the placement of gates and teleports, that is, directly giving the game world the form that players and administrators want to see from it. This is incredibly difficult and requires a lot of experience, so only the experienced players with the long experience of administration get to the very top.

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