It would seem that the developers of computer gamesalready told everything that could be, about living dead - a zombie. Apocalypse has been described in dozens of projects from a variety of perspectives, including on behalf of the zombies themselves. But still there are niches that have not been touched before, and gamers immediately begin to spend their money and time on a novelty that really has a high level. To such definitely include "Rast" - a sandbox in which you have to survive in incredibly difficult conditions. You will find yourself on an island that is inhabited by half people, half monsters, zombies, mutants - you can call them in a variety of words, but the most important is that they hunt you, and you need to give them a rebuff. One of the main charms of this project is the fact that it is multi-user: you can survive with people from all over the world. Naturally, multiplayer should have a server, and on the server - the administrator. And on his shoulders is a huge responsibility, so it will be useful for the admin team in the "Rast".

How to enter commands?

admin team in the plant

Before studying the details of the admin team in"Rast", you need to figure out how to use them in principle. In fact, there is nothing complicated in this, since the admin commands are entered in exactly the same way as the usual ones - in the console. You need to open it during the game, but how to do it? Here there is a small snag, since in most computer games this is done by pressing the "tilde" key, but not in "Rast". Here, the console call is assigned to the F1 key, so you just need to press it. After that you will be able to enter both the usual console user commands and advanced admin commands - there are a lot of them in "Rast".

Variety of admin commands

team admin in the plant

As mentioned earlier, the admin team in the"Rast" is a fairly large section, so if you want to control your own server in this game, then you will have to remember and learn to use a fairly large amount of information. Among all the commands you can find those that are used by server administrators most often. For example, when you enter "status" you will see how many people are now on the server and who it is specifically. To write alerts to all players on the server at the same time, you just need to use the "notice.popuall" command, and then you will not need to reprint the same message a hundred times. Normally, the "kick" command throws the player from the server, and the "ban" command blocks access to it. There are still dozens of teams that you should study. How to access them? To do this, you need the "find" command. If you use it, then all the commands of the "Rast" administrator appear on the screen, from which you can choose the one you need.

Commands for things

of the admin team

Separately it is necessary to consider special thingsthe admin team in "Rast". Pirate, unfortunately, will not allow you to fully administer a legitimate server, and on pirated versions, it's not always possible to use everything one hundred percent. In any case, you need to pay attention to the command "inv.giveplayer": it allows you to give yourself or other players any items in the game. It can be like weapons, improvements for him and ammunition, and tools, clothing and resources.

How to enter such a command?

The team has its own features: you will have to remember not only how to write it, but also what to add after it. When the text of the command is already typed, you need to enter the nickname of the person to whom you want to issue the item, then the name of the item, and after that the required number of things. In doing so, you will have to closely monitor how you write the nickname and the name of the subject, so that the right person will receive the desired subject in the end.

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