To date, "Meincraft" is one of themost popular games. Here you can do absolutely everything - at your service is provided the whole world, with any element of which you can interact and use it for survival. You can build houses, create tools and weapons, design different mechanisms and so on. However, it should be noted that very many gamers like "Maynkraft" for its multi-user mode. There you are invited to do all the same, but only in the company of other players who can be both your friends and enemies. In this article, you will learn more about multiplayer, as well as get information on how to become an administrator in "Maynkraft" and what this entails.

Multiplayer in the "Maynkraft"

how to become an administrator in maincraft

If you decide to learn how to become an administrator in"Maincrafter", then you, most likely, have already familiarized yourself with the basics of the multiplayer mode. The fact is that in a single player game you are your own administrator, therefore, there is no need to appoint a specific position. However, in multiplayer mode, a large number of players are present on the server, that's why the administrator is needed. What he should do, and also how to become it, you will learn a little later - now it's specifically about multiplayer. As in a single player game, here you have to play in a randomly generated world in one of the modes, while competing with other gamers or merging with them to increase your chances of survival in this cruel world. However, even here you need order and control - this is exactly what administrators need. What they do and how to become an administrator in the "Meincraft", you will now find out.

Duties of the admin

admin's nickname in maynkraft

So, you decided to learn how to become an administrator in"Maynkraft" - of course, many people want it. And that's why you need to understand that this is not just a high status and a pleasure from the expanded opportunities - it's also a huge responsibility. After all, you become one of the most important people on the server, and it depends on you how the events in the game will develop. You need to control that no one violates the rules, so that there is always enough resources and monsters in the world, you must generate special events to keep users interested in the game. You will have to learn a huge number of console commands and id objects, objects and creatures, and all this will need to be used constantly. Thus, you will have new incredible opportunities, but the gameplay will never be the same. Everyone will know the admin's nickname in "Meincraft" and will contact you with all their questions, requests and complaints. If you are still ready for this, you can read on - and become a server administrator.

Team for admin

how to become an admin in a group

Many gamers believe that they can safelybecome an administrator in the "Maincrafter", if they know how to become an administrator in the group on the Internet. However, these are completely different processes, which have nothing in common. If you want to become a member of the administration on the server of this game, then you will need to use the op command, after which you will need to enter your nickname. This will give you advanced rights, and you will be able to perform your duties and responsibilities.

Adding admins in another way

However, sometimes this method is notas convenient as possible. For example, you need to add a dozen new administrators to the server. Do you have to prescribe the command and its nickname for each of them in the console? In fact, you can act differently - among the files on the server you can find a document that contains information about the world, and in it copy and paste all the nicknames of the new administrators in the desired line.

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