The law is an instrument of the state, intendedto maintain order in the country. But the reality is that the law itself often has to be guarded, because there are so many people in the world who want to break it. That is why in every state there are those who tirelessly follow the order, and if necessary becomes a mountain for his defense.

police profession

A policeman is a profession guarding the law. Only strong in spirit and body people are able to master it, so to speak, become the bulwark of modern society.

Who is a policeman?

First, you need to understand the peculiarities of thiswork, because few are familiar with all its subtleties. For example, the police profession for children seems to be something filled with adventure and excitement. Adults, on the contrary, see it as routine and too dangerous. But what is it really?

In reality, a policeman is a profession in whichhave all of the above. There are days when the service seems to freeze on the spot, nothing happens, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs employees are left to fill the mountains of papers. But at one point everything can change - only the bell will sound, and the order is already rushing to the next call. And who knows what danger there lies in wait?

Profession policeman: description of profession

If we talk about the specific duties of the police, we can distinguish the following:

  • Detention of criminals. This includes investigative experiments, the search for evidence and the questioning of witnesses.
  • Work with the public. This item includes conducting educational conversations with schoolchildren, identifying dangerous individuals, keeping records of unfavorable families and so on.
  • Control of legality of all processes. The work of the police does not end with the capture of the criminal, because he still has to pass a sentence. However, it should not be too soft or severe, and therefore, all the processes are monitored by the court staff.

How to become a policeman?

Any Ministry of Internal Affairs can apply for a positiona citizen with a secondary or higher education. At the same time, his gender, color and religion are of no importance (although the guys are still more among police officers).

profession police for children

To apply, you need to contact the nearestdepartment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where the operator will inform about all possible vacancies and will voice the requirements to them. If the place is still there, then the person is sent for examination to a psychiatrist. Only with his permission the future policeman is allowed to go to the hospital for further medical examination.

If all the mental and physical indicators innorm, the candidate will be credited to the service. However, first you will have to undergo an internship, which lasts from 3 to 6 months. During this period, wages will be calculated, but its size will be much less than that of full-time colleagues.

How to get a police education?

A policeman is a profession that requires not onlyexcellent power, but also knowledge in the field of jurisprudence. Therefore, to get a high position will be obtained only after the termination of a specialized educational institution.

You can go there yourself. This, for example, can be cadet schools, universities with a military department or institutes under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In addition, you can get a special direction, but for this you need to be in the service or be a police officer.

Advantages and disadvantages

A policeman is a profession with its own meritsand shortcomings. The main disadvantage is the risk. After all, police officers often have to deal with criminals who can go to extremes to achieve their goals. Also at the moment, the salary of an ordinary policeman is bordered by a minimum level, which is very distressing, given the specifics of the profession.

profession police description of profession

And yet there are positive sides too. First of all, this is a sense of dignity, pride for having on your shoulders responsibility for the lives of others and order in the country. In addition, an important factor is career growth, which motivates to go forward.

It should also be noted state support, a full social package and early retirement.

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