Many people today are interested in knowing which professionthe most popular in Russia. Although the word "popularity" in the modern world relative to the profession has two different, almost non-overlapping meanings. In the first variant, the popular one is the desired one, that is, the one that is preferred, which one can be proud of. But in a different sense, the popular one can be called a profession that is accessible to the majority.

Media about employment in Russia

In May this year, the "Moscow Komsomolets" heldA study on the subject of which profession is the most popular in Russia today. In other words, it was decided to find out in which sphere the most active population is most involved. And the conclusion was stunning! On the question of which profession is the most popular in Russia today among men, the answer was given - the guard. And among the women, the seller's work is equally popular. And indeed, having even a diploma in his hands, and in the work book - a considerable length of service, it is almost impossible for a man of age to find another job. The same applies to pregnant women, women with young children, visitors.

which profession is the most popular
What is the most popular profession in Russia from the point of view of prestige?

Today, older people with nostalgia for the pastremember the fact that earlier all the children dreamed of being pilots or cosmonauts. But times change. And today, based on the data of opinion polls, one should take into account that the majority of respondents prefer the profession of a lawyer, a financier, a leader. But nobody wants to work in the field of science and sports today. Do not rush people also in teachers, educators, police, firefighters. Not very prestigious and medical specialties.

what is the most popular profession
Who do young people want to learn?

Speaking about the profession as a whole, it is necessary to answer stilland the question of which is the most popular profession among the students whom our young people want to learn. Here the picture is more fascinating and diverse. The young generation wants to engage in future design, architecture, nanotechnology, airport operation and flight support. Attracts young people to marine technology and energy, engineering and electrical engineering, economics and management, radio engineering and communications. Professions connected with graphics, painting, sculpture are also being used successfully. And, of course, the profession of artists has always been prestigious, there are and will be.

the most popular profession among students
Profession of a student for work

But it will all be in the future: artists and lawyers, designers and programmers. Meanwhile, while students are studying, they try to raise their material level a little. And what is the most popular profession among undergraduate students? Of course, the courier. On the second place there are promoters. These two professions practically do not require any skills, you can work on a flexible, convenient schedule. It is much more difficult to combine study and work with sellers, waiters, loaders and managers. But these professions among the student youth are in demand today. And absolutely unclaimed (even as part-time jobs) are the professions of nurses, nannies, cleaners, janitors. Which, in principle, is understandable. This work is hard and low-paid.

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