The choice of a profession is a responsible step for everyoneyoung man. If history attracts, monuments of architecture, you can choose a specialty associated with them. What is the name of the profession of people who restore cultural monuments, and where it can be learned?

Who are the restorers

what is the name of the profession of people who restore cultural monuments

This is a specialist who is engaged inrestoration and preservation of historical and cultural objects. This profession appeared in the Middle Ages and was needed to give an attractive appearance to art objects. But over time, the main task of the restorer was to preserve the original appearance of the object.

Knowing the name of the profession of people who are restoring cultural monuments, it is worth considering the peculiarities of this specialty.

How does the restorer work?

The main task of the modern restoreris conservation. After the restoration or replenishment of chips, cracks or other damage, it is necessary to carry out measures to preserve the object in this form for as long as possible.

To do this, use:

  • Chemical treatment.
  • The optimum humidity is determined.
  • The correct lighting is selected.

It can definitely be said that restoration work and conservation are the main lines of activity of such a specialist.

Before starting to work, the restorer examines the object, determines the complexity of the damage, the material from which the work of art is made.

Restorer - the profession is not simple. Every specialist works with certain objects. It can be monuments of architecture, paintings, books and ancient products from various materials. But very often the work is carried out in a team with historians and archaeologists, it may be necessary to consult art critics, chemists and physicists.

restorer profession

Methods of restoration

When choosing a specialty it is not enough to know howcalled the profession of people who restore cultural monuments. It is necessary to understand the principles of such activities to determine whether it corresponds to your desires and opportunities.

Modern restoration can be divided into two types.

  1. Scientific. It is the maximum preservation of the original type of art, with traces of destruction visible. But people will see a picture or a monument in the form in which they were created by the artist.
  2. A commercial. The main emphasis is on giving external appeal and renewing the functionality of the facility. Usually, such restoration is ordered by the owners of antiquities, who intend to use them in their daily life. This restoration is very similar to repair, but requires special skill.

Qualities that a specialist must possess

restoration work

Restorer - a profession that can not master every person. In order for the activity to be successful and enjoyable, it is necessary to have the following qualities:

  • perseverance and patience;
  • attentiveness and ability to concentrate;
  • respect for art subjects;
  • desire to work with your hands.


Get a specialty restorer inhigher educational institution or in the secondary vocational. You can also master this science in the school. The choice of the institution depends on the level of knowledge and skills acquired.

During the training the student receives information about restoration materials and techniques. It will be necessary to read a lot of literature about works of art in order to understand how they were created.

So, knowing what the profession of people is called,restoring monuments of culture, having understood the principles of their work, you can decide on the choice of a specialty and educational institution. Link your life with the profession that you really like. Only in this case it will bring material and spiritual satisfaction.

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