Junichiro Tanizaki is a famous Japanese writer, whose works have become world classics. And to this day the books of Junichiro have been read all over the world - readers find more and more beautiful in them.

Biography of the writer

Born Junichiro Tanizaki on July 24, 1886 in the Japanese capital, in Tokyo.

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The writer's father was serious and richmerchant. Later, when Junichiro Tanizaki began to write his legendary works, in one of the books he confessed that in his childhood he was greatly spoiled. Despite the fact that Tanizaki was considered at that time to be prosperous people, some time later the family began to grow poor. This is what influenced the career of Junichiro Tanizaki. The family moved to the poorer district of Tokyo, Junichiro settled down to work as a school teacher. He occupied this position for a long time, helping the students to develop more and more in the literary direction.

Tanizaki received his education at the universityTokyo, where he studied at the Literary Department. But the salary was very small, parents barely made ends meet, so Junichiro had to leave his studies, since he did not have the means to pay for his education.

The first steps in creativity

Engage in the writings of Tanidzakibegan in 1909. The first step in the work of the writer was a small play, which did not bring the author much fame, because it was published in a local journal.

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Talking about the dawn of creativity Junichiro, it is importantnote that at first the writer rejected any manifestations of literary naturalism. The works of Junichiro Tanizaki were written in the style of Art Nouveau and the avant-garde. In addition, the uniqueness of Tanizaki's works lies in the fact that they are not devoid of romanticism and philosophically profound, which at that time was more naturalistic.

Beginning to write, Junichiro tried to make almostimpossible - he decided to combine in his works and the oldest Japanese traditions, sacredly preserved from century to century, and the West European dynamic culture, which became for the writer a breath of fresh air.

About works

The peculiarity of Tanizaki's works isthat the writer in a special way depicted the female images. In his books you can see how unique are female characters: Junichiro often chose as heroines of fatal ladies. If you compare the works of Tanizaki with the work of other Japanese writers of the time, you can see how much they differ in style directions, subjects and heroes. The emotions that cause Tanizaki's works can not be described, they are so different from the man's literature. Tanizaki's books can change the view of the world, broaden your horizons and help you find your own way of life.

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Tanizaki's manner of writing is very different from hiscomrades in creativity. Readers perceived his works in absolutely different ways. Some Japanese critics condemned his desire for innovations in literature, while others admired the new one that he tried to introduce Junichiro into Japanese culture. The innovative creativity of the writer not only entered the culture of Japan, but became one of the most important stages in the development of world literature.

Sunset creativity

At sunset creativity Junichiro decided to abandonfrom the synthesis of cultures of Europe and Japan in their works. The last works of Tanizaki became more and more filled with Japanese literary culture and traditions. He wrote books based on ancient Japanese history.

Death of the writer

Died Junichiro died July 30, 1965 at the age of 79 years. Already after the death of the great writer in Japan, the literary prize named Junichiro Tanidzaki was officially established.

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Memory of the writer

Today in Japan, the traditionalcomics. Having gained eternal fame and respect, the writer became the hero of the comic strip "Stray Dogs". Junichiro Tanizaki in the work has a different name, but everyone knows that the author of the comic portrayed this great representative of Japanese literature and world classics.


The work of Junichiro Tanizaki "The Key" has becomeone of the central works of Japanese literature of the time. The narrative is in the form of two diaries, which are led by the husband and wife. Confrontation between spouses, family troubles, misunderstanding and great love for each other is what Junichiro Tanizaki wrote about.

"Praise of the Shadow"

In the book Praise of the Shadow, the Japanese writertells about the magic of female beauty. The product differs frankness, as it contains elements of eroticism, which was not inherent in the Japanese literature of the twentieth century.

"Fine Snow"

Book Junichiro Tanizaki "Fine Snow" has become one of the most famous and important in the work of the writer. You can also meet another name for this work - "Snowy Landscape".

Tanidzaki Junichiro Wandering Dogs

The events about which Tanizaki writes are occurring in30-ies of the last century in Japan. In the center of the plot is quite a rich family, in which four daughters grow up. The writer tells how the life of each of the girls of the well-known ancient family takes shape. In the center of the narrative are their experiences and emotions, which send events to the background.

"Love of a fool"

In the thick of events the writer's works arethe most simple people. However, life develops in such a way that the relationship between them is too complicated. Showing how a person can behave in a certain situation, Tanizaki reveals the essence of the whole human soul. In addition, the author gives many differences between a resident of Western Europe and a resident of Japan.

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