Today we will talk about a person who callsyourself Yanix. His biography will be discussed in detail later. The creativity of this musician on paper can look a little caricatured, but very impressive in sound.

Yanix: biography as the artist name

yanix biography
Our hero will be born in the Moscow region,in the city of Krasnogorsk. The real name of this person is Janis Badurov. Creative nickname - Yanix. His biography began in 1993, on November 16. Parents rapper - doctors. He also has two older brothers.


We have already briefly told about who is Yanix. His biography as a performer began in 2010. In his work he always aspired to the southern sound, even before such a direction found its own audience and aroused interest among listeners. In 2011, the first release of our hero, Finish Him, was released. This work did not bring any fruits. It's about mixtape - a collection of tracks that are recorded under Western instrumental compositions. Then came a small creative crisis. However, the rapper did not become discouraged. Soon he declared himself again.

Collaboration and success

yanix biography as name
Yanix recorded several tracks with the rapper T.A.Loc. In 2013 he worked on the mixtape 4EU3'a. Then his own record "The Show of Ghetto Streets" was presented. One of the specialized rap-resources called this work one of the most significant track releases of the year. Soon there was a continuation under the name "Show of streets of ghetto 2". According to the author himself, mixtape turned out to be high-quality, and he should like listeners. The musician also said that he received many praise comments. At the same time, listeners appreciated not only the content, but also the cover, which the rapper also very much likes. The musician noted that the great merit belongs exactly to beatmakers. Now you know who Yanix is. The biography of the musician and features of his work were described above.

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