Actor Dominique Piñon in 1989 took part in theone of the most grandiose projects of the French film industry. He played the role of Jean-Baptiste Drouet, postmaster of a small town, who identified the runaway under the fictitious name of King Louis XVI and issued it to the new authorities. This accident changed the course of history. The monarch ended his life on the guillotine, and the old era was irretrievably gone with him. In the film, telling about the troubled and dangerous years of the French Revolution, Dominique Pinon got a small but very significant role.

The creative way of the actor

He is considered an extraordinary representativeFrench cinematography. The appearance of Dominique Pinon does not meet generally accepted standards. Because of his atypical face, he did not even dream of becoming an actor, but fate was supportive and gave him a chance.

Dominique Pinon was born in 1955 in the citySaumur, located in the west of France. After studying at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Poitiers, he moved to Paris and enrolled in acting courses. Director Jean-Jacques Benex paid attention to Pinon and offered him a role in his debut film "Diva". The success of their creative union surpassed all expectations. The painting became cult and opened a new era of French cinema. Pinon, who played the role of a grim killer, for a long time predetermined his career. Over the next decade, he appeared on the screen exclusively in the form of insane and antisocial personalities.

Dominic Pinon

History of the film

The ambitious project was timed to coincide with the 200th anniversaryThe French Revolution. The creators tried to make the film a truthful and unbiased story about the events of that era. History began with the convocation of the General States and ended with the death of Maximilian Robespierre. The picture on all parameters corresponded to the importance of the jubilee. The huge budget of those years was 300 million francs. In the international cast included the world cinema stars.

The film consists of two parts. The first was created under the guidance of the French director Robert Enrico, over the second worked his American counterpart Richard Heffron. The total duration of the picture is 360 minutes, and there is also a television version. In the production of the film participated France, Italy, Canada, Britain and Germany.

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The first part of the film - "The Years of the World" - tellsabout the events that took place during the period of the throne of Louis XVI. The King watches helplessly as his wife Maria-Antoinette squanders the state treasury. He is forced to convene the General States to discuss possible ways out of the financial crisis. The situation is getting out of control, and the representatives of the third estate refuse to terminate the meeting until the constitution is adopted in the country. The first part of the film ends with the unsuccessful escape of Louis and Marie Antoinette. The second series - "Years of Horror" - describes the period of revolutionary terror and death on the guillotine of the king and his wife.

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main characters

Italian actor Vittorio Mezzogiorno performedthe role of Jean-Paul Marat. Biography of one of the leaders of the revolution is stated in the film quite reliably. According to the idea of ​​the creators, the picture should reflect all existing opinions about the historical figures of that difficult epoch. For some, he was a martyr and a fighter for the freedom of the people, for others he was a misanthrope, calling to cut the heads of the opponents of the new government. The facts supporting both points of view can be found in the biography of Jean-Paul Marat. Photo scenes from the film show the amazing external resemblance of the actor Vittorio Mezzogiorno and a real historical character.

Under the influence of troubled times, the contradictorythe person became not only Jean-Paul Marat. Interesting facts from the life of other heroes of the revolutionary era also produce an ambiguous impression. The audience noted the game of the Polish actor Andrzej Severin, who embodied on the screen the image of Robespierre.

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Jean-Baptiste Drouet

The history of the postmaster from a small townwas continued. The revolutionary authorities highly appreciated the merit of a man who did not allow the king to escape from the court and the guillotine. The Legislative Assembly offered Jean-Baptiste Drouet an award of 30,000 francs, but he refused. Subsequently, the postmaster was elected to the National Convention and joined the most radical political group. On the role of such an unusual personality came up Dominic Piñon, one of the most extraordinary and memorable actors of French cinema.

The reaction of critics and viewers

The picture could not collect a lot of money at the box office. But the public found the film "The French Revolution" historically accurate. The only mistake in the script is that on the screen Marie Antoinette was executed by the famous executioner Charles-Henri Sanson, and in real life the death sentence was executed by his son. The commercial failure of the picture is due to the fact that the events of two centuries ago no longer arouse the interest of the French.

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