After the final part of the Wachowski brothers' epic was released, all those who appeared in the film "Matrix-3" actors. "Matrix: Revolution "received a lot of positive feedback and was nominated for an Oscar." The popularity of the franchise was transferred to all of its participants, they were told, talked on talk shows, discussed behind the scenes. "The paparazzi watched every step of the newly-made celebrities, even after ten years viewers refer to actors as the names of characters from the cult trilogy.


In the film, many famous actors took part. "The Matrix: Revolution" only strengthened their popularity. The main character played Keanu Reeves. Before that, he was remembered by the spectator in such films as "Devil's Advocate" and "On the Crest of the Wave." The role of Neo personally was approved by the brothers Wachowski. Kiano was able to perfectly get used to the role of an antisocial computer genius, who was sick of modern society. The image of the office worker, whose gray routine does not differ from each other, fell in the hearts of Western audiences.

actors matrix revolution
During the filming, Reeves completely went into the creative process and did not leave the site until he got a good double.

Critics appreciated the actor's metamorphosis inthird part. From a quiet employee of a computer company, he turned into the savior of mankind. The image of steep Neo found a lot of images in popular culture. Dark glasses and a long cloak became a kind of symbol. Because of this, many actors mocked Kiano. "The Matrix: The Revolution" finally cemented the image of a fighter for justice, causing acrobatic blows. For the role of Neo Reeves was nominated for several awards, "MTV" and "Oscar".

Hugo Weaving is a secret agent

The main antagonist agent Smith played HugoWeaving. Critics appreciated his skill. Prior to this, the actor played only episodic roles. Filming in the "Matrix" brought Hugo world fame. His character is a ruthless pedantic agent, the embodiment of the machine's pragmatism. In the last part, he personified evil. Smith tried to understand the essence of human consciousness. However, the absence of feelings did not allow him to do so.

hugo wishing
Hugo managed to play so that the viewer believed that his character - it's just the result of the program code, the machine.

Smith's speech at the end of the movie was reallycult. Popularity came to Uwing quite suddenly. The actor of the second plans became a world-wide star in just three years. After all, immediately after the release of the first part he was offered a role in another trilogy - "The Lord of the Rings". A heavy schedule of filming in different countries (some scenes of "The Lord of the Rings" were filmed in New Zealand), the constant flights were heavily given to Hugo. But he did not withdraw from both franchises, as many actors would have done. "The Matrix: Revolution" and "The Emperor's Reign" made Hugo the most popular Hollywood actor.

Kerry-Ann Moss-Trinity

The satellite of the main character was played by Kerry Moss. Daring Trinity has become a real favorite of the audience. In a leather jacket and with a short haircut, she violated the canons of Hollywood beauty. Her image was reflected in the counterculture. Many critics noted not only the acting game of Moss, but also her personal participation in the performance of stunt tricks.

kerry ann moss
She was replaced least of all by substitutions. And this despite the fact that at the time of the shooting she was over thirty years old.

Unlike other main characters, Moss can notboasting abundant filmography. Some critics believe that she has remained an actress of one role. After the "Matrix" she starred in several films, and then returned to the serial industry.

Other actors

Actors of the second plan also remembered the audience. Performing the role of Seraphim Colin Chow for some time overshadowed the master of kung fu Jackie Chan. Round dark glasses without rim became the hero's calling card. Lawrence Fishburne, who played mentor Neo, starred in several dozen films after the "Matrix". He is still a demanded actor.

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