American action series "In the desert of death"tells of the post-apocalyptic world, all power in which is concentrated in the hands of dictator-barons, who forbade the use of firearms. Incarnate the concept of creators in the project "In the Desert of Death" actors, the overwhelming majority owning martial arts. A whimsical cocktail from the Asian Middle Ages, the Wild West and post-apocalypse has the highest rating IMDb: 8.10 due to the richness of the narrative with incessant bloody intrigues, assorted memorable heroes and ubiquitous martial arts.

in the desert of death, actors

Gallery of versatile heroes

Inspired by eastern militants creators"In the Desert of Death," a television movie "The Desert of Death," whose actors and roles were selected to each other in the process of unbiased casting, managed to turn the series into a relentless demonstration of the combat skills of American and Chinese artist Daniel Wu and his colleagues. The narrative is arranged in such a way that the viewer experiences not only the fate of the main positive characters of Sunny, the heroines and MK associated with him, but also the secondary heroes. Intrigue adds to the opposition of Quinn and the Baroness, nicknamed Widow. As a result of a positive evaluation of film critics, all the parts of the painting "In the Desert of Death" were awarded: actors, script, visualization, combat choreography.

in the desert of death, actors and roles

Charismatic lead actor

In the show "In the desert of death" the actors play brilliantly,but the leading role belongs to Daniel Wu, reincarnated in Sunny. The actor is shot mostly in oriental action, although he was born and grew up in California, with a married couple who once immigrated from Shanghai. Initially, he was involved in production as an executive producer, who was to be responsible for staging combat scenes. As he immersed himself in the work, Daniel more and more liked the key character, but he believed that a younger performer should be involved in his role. The creators spent a long casting, but could not find a suitable actor, to the proper degree, who owns martial arts. In the end, they turned to Wu and he agreed. The performer has been engaged in kung fu since 11 years, but despite this, half a year was preparing for his role, improving the skills of acting and physical fitness.

Main cast

No less vivid characters created in the show "In the desert of death" the actors:

  • Irlandka Orla Brady ("Sinbad", "Exile"), who played the role of Lydia.
  • Known in the image of Princess Mary in The Tudors, Sarah Bolger turned into Jade.
  • American actor Aramis Knight uniquely passed the image of MK
  • Emily Beecham appeared in front of the viewer in the form of intriguer Minerva with the nickname "Widow".
  • Madeleine Mantock, having gained experience in the film "The Edge" and "The People of the Future", perfectly revealed the image of Vail.
  • The role of the main antagonist Quinn was trusted by himselfexperienced among the cast of actors New Zealand actor Marton Chokash, known for the films "Three X's", "The Lord of the Rings", "Bourne's Excellence", "Eon Flax" and "Kingdom of Heaven".
  • Comedian Nick Frost played the role of Badge.

This wonderful film is worthy of your attention.

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