Edward Dominique Cooper was born and raised in Greenwich, UK, where he spent a wonderful childhood and received an excellent education.

The beginning of Cooper's career

Dominic Cooper

His training took place at the Thomas Tallis School incity ​​Kidbrouke, after which the guy entered the London Academy of Art. There, Dominic began to join in art and a year after graduation, he debuted on the stage of the National Royal Theater in the play "The Mother's Club Clap's brothel." After a successful debut, the famous playwright Bennett offered Cooper the role of Dakin in his play "Lovers of History." The play became so popular that soon with Dominic's participation appeared TV and radio versions. Also, the actor flashed on the screens in the comedy drama Tom Vaughn "Get in the Top Ten."

Dominic Cooper: the filmography of the famous actor

In 2002, Cooper played in the drama of Patrick Harkins"The Last Curtain", in 2003 - in the melodrama of Craig Ferguson "I Will Be Next", as well as in the action movie of Bill Anderson "The Warrior Princess". Of course, the glory to the actor did not collapse at once, did not shine with interesting facts and his biography. Dominique Cooper for a while played second-class roles in the running series and even acted in advertising condoms. Notable role of the actor was the role of Spencer in the youth comedy of 2006 "Get in the Top Ten". In the same year, Cooper was awarded the British Independent Film Award. He became the most promising young actor on the stage.

A landmark role for Cooper

The next important role was the reincarnation inthe future prime minister of England and the author of tea with bergamot of Earl Charles Gray in the historical drama about the life and fate of the Duchess of Cavendish "The Duchess" of 2008. Dominic's partners on the film were such stars as Keira Knightley (Duchess of Devonshire), Rife Fiennes (Duke of Devonshire), Charlotte Rempling (Lady Spencer). Also a significant role the actor played in the thriller Rupert Viatt "Escape from prison."

Dominic Cooper Filmography
In the same year, Cooper played a role in the film "MammaMia! ", Which made him megapopular. The film is just teeming with stars: Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgard, Pierce Brosnan, Meryl Streep. Dominique plays the handsome Skye, for whom, according to all the ceremonial rules, the charming Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) wants to marry. But who will lead the girl to the altar? She does not know her father. Then the bride begins to look for her father herself. All the fun begins when potential dad come to the wedding.

biography of Dominic Cooper

In 2009, the film appeared Dominic Savage"Free fall", where Dominique Cooper played the role of Dave. In the same year, the drama "Short interview with the scum" directed by John Krasinski, where Cooper played the role of one of the interviewees, was released. This film is a screen version of a collection of short stories that killed himself because of the savage bouts of depression of American writer David Wallace. This is a drama that is very strong in emotions and plot, hard for perception, but leaving a trace in the soul.

2010-2014 - fateful years in the life of Dominica

In 2010, the actor starred in the film adaptation of the novelCharles Dickens "The Life of David Copperfield, told by himself." This story has nothing to do with the best illusionist of our time. Speech in the film is about the boy David, who raised his stepfather, a tyrant. The boy's life was unbearable, and after his mother's death he was left alone in the world. Moreover, having taken possession of David's house, his stepfather wants to marry his beloved girlfriend.

The last bright role of Dominique Cooper was the role ofHenry Sturges in the film of 2012 "Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter", directed by a Russian of Kazakh descent Timur Bekmambetov. 2013 was marked by the films "One less", where Cooper played the role of Darcy, and "Summer in February" about the life of the bohemia of the early 20th century in Cornwall.

Dominic Cooper Private Life

2014 was rich in premieres. Dominik played the role of Ian Fleming in the series "Fleming", starred in an action movie about racing "Thirst for speed", as well as in a fantastic action movie "The First Avenger: Another War" and the criminal thriller "Reasonable Doubt". In summer, the premiere of the fantasy "Dracula: Year One" is expected, where Dominique Cooper is actively removed. The filmography of the actor is extensive. He starred in more than 60 films and serials. But most of all Dominique Cooper paid attention to the theater. The most striking were theatrical productions based on F. Pullman's books "Dark beginnings".

The personal life of the actor

Dominique Cooper, whose personal life is not sosuccessful as his film career, on the set of the musical "Mamma Mia!" twisted the novel with his screen bride Amanda Seyfried. In life, the actors also reached the point of engagement, but the wedding did not take place. The gap occurred in May 2010. The reason was the residence of a career of lovers in different countries. Although, according to Amanda, she will always have tender feelings for Dominica and will not marry someone who will interfere with their communication.

His actor does not show off his private life. All his free time he devotes to theater and cinema. However, according to the actor himself, he himself has never seen films with his participation. He also has little interest in the opinion of outsiders about him as an actor. The best critics for him are relatives and friends, who will point out shortcomings, and praise where necessary. Here is such a homely man, this Dominique Cooper.

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