Perhaps the most persistent and widespreadthe association that arises at the word "revolution" is the noisy street processions of dissatisfied people, angry protests, crowded rallies over which the previously forbidden flags and slogans are singing. The revolution is a powerful tectonic shift shaking society, this is a wave that sweeps away almost everything that the former regime represents. Sometimes monuments are put up from pedestals to hatred rulers, official portraits, banners, coats of arms and other symbols of overthrown government flies into the fire.

revolution is

Meanwhile, there are many others, lessdramatic and harsh manifestations of such a complex and at the same time multifaceted phenomenon as revolution. This concept is often used in relation to the most diverse processes occurring in virtually all spheres of human activity, including economics and politics, art and culture, science and production, and so on. Under the onslaught of revolutionary vortices, even the moral and ethical foundations that for centuries seemed inviolable and reliable can not stand. The so-called "sexual revolution" can serve as a proof of this. This is not just a catchy stamp, for, for its time, such a revolution in the mass public consciousness, such a decisive rejection of the previous ideas about the institution of family and marriage, was truly revolutionary.

The scientific and technological revolution is

A vivid example of the embodiment of revolutionary ideascan also be the most common cell phone. Its creation was made possible by a process that began in the fifties of the last century and was called the scientific and technological revolution. This phrase denotes a qualitatively new stage in the development of productive forces-this is the stage when scientific and technological progress becomes the main factor determining the contemporary picture of the world. The revolutionary nature of this process is that the interaction of science and production radically and in a relatively short time changes not only the material basis of society, but practically its entire social and spiritual structure. More and more new forms of interpersonal relationships are emerging, which is evidenced by the Internet, the global and instantaneous dissemination of information, through which the virtuality is closely intertwined with the actual reality, and often turns out to be a substitute for it.

evolution and revolution is

The revolution is always an unexpectedly sharp leap,radical changes, the breakdown of obsolete and established forms and the emergence of radically new ones. And all this happens at a fast pace. The word "evolution" seems to have a very different meaning. Evolution and revolution are two relatively different forms of development. At the first form there are slow, gradual changes (evolutionary path), with the second, changes are relatively rapid, occurring in the shortest possible historical time (revolutionary).

It is impossible to predict in advance which of theseways preferable - and the one and the other has its pros and cons, and the final verdict can only endure time. One thing is certain - sometimes only the revolution can clear the way to prosperity and progress, but this radical method should be used with the utmost caution.

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