biography of victoria
A popular Russian TV host and modelVictoria Lopyreva is known to everyone in the secular tusovka of the capital. But what a young lady became famous for, and how she became the star of show business, few know. Victoria Lopyreva's biography has pitfalls and secrets, but all that the public can know, the model willingly recounts.

Victoria was born in Rostov-on-Don in the familyinteresting creative people. Mom of the star is a recognized beauty, model and journalist, father is an artist. In the bohemian family reigned atmosphere of beauty and freedom. In their house there were always a lot of guests, here writers and artists of Rostov rested, here, according to the girl, it was always warm and safe. The young lady herself was engaged in music, painting, read a lot. Even in adolescence, a tall and slender blonde began to pay attention to influential men and model agencies. Despite everything, Victoria Lopyreva's biography in her youth was surprisingly uninteresting. On all proposals for samples and shootings, the girl responded with a refusal. A serious and purposeful Vika did not want to become a model, in her opinion such a profession could not bring proper success. Nevertheless, by a lucky chance, her photos came to the contest "Don Model", which she won. Then began interesting weekdays student of the Faculty of Economics. As such, Lopyreva was not a student. Constant trips abroad, numerous shooting and screenings - this was the biography of Victoria Lopyreva at the beginning of her career. Success came to the young lady in 2003, when she won the contest "Miss Russia".

lopyreva Victoria biography
Victoria, accustomed to taking the most out of life,decided that for her, "Miss Russia" is just the beginning of a difficult journey. Beauty decided to conquer the world. Lopyreva Victoria, whose biography includes dozens of competitions, comfortably felt herself in competitive struggle, was not afraid to appear in all its glory, skillfully mobilized in any situation. For the sake of success, this girl is ready for anything. She lost weight by tens of kilograms, participated in the show "The Last Hero", learned complex dance moves before beauty contests.

After the victory in the contest "Miss Russia" Victoriainvited to the TV as a host. The girl from the first live broadcast, where she was only a guest, showed that she could confidently hold on to the camera and speak beautifully. Further business on television went more successfully. She conducted a broadcast about football, and then appeared on the music channels. Victoria Lopyreva's biography is by no means boring. In addition to building a successful career, the girl does not forget about her personal life. Now the model meets football player Fedor Smolov. Lovers are actively preparing for the wedding and make fans happy with their photos.

victoria lopyreva photo
Victoria Lopyreva, whose photo inspireswomen on the change of image, knows how difficult it is to fight with the shortcomings of the figure and overweight. All its flaws the model successfully conceals with the help of cosmetics, and preserves ideal parameters due to rigid diets.

The life of Lopyreva is a movement. She is constantly on the road, flying from one country to another. Participates in shootings, leads corporate parties, performs in fashion shows, often a guest star at parties around the world. Men like slim and beautiful blondes, who know their own worth and who can effectively serve themselves. Beautiful and intelligent women can not remain unknown either on the Cote d'Azur or in Moscow. This secular lioness reserves the last word and is not afraid to be seen.

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