The heroine of this article is the Anna Gorodzha model. You will find out where the Russian beauty lived and worked with whom she lives.

Anna Towns Biography

Anna Gorodzaja: Biography

A bright blonde was born on May 11, 1987 in Volgograd. Anna Gorodzha grew up obedient, mobile and sociable girl. She loved to dress up nicely and to arrange home fashion shows.

At school, our heroine studied for four andfives. Teachers constantly praised her. After receiving a certificate of secondary education, Anna Gorozhaya went to enter the Volga. The girl chose the Faculty of Philology and Journalism. Entrance examinations were successfully handed over to her. And already in 2008, Anna was awarded a diploma about graduation. But she was not going to stop there. Gorodzha entered the magistracy of Volgograd.


Typically, girls become models in a teenageage. Our heroine got into this business when she was already more than 20 years old. Her finest figure and pretty face were rated by the best Volgograd photographers. The blonde signed profitable contracts, but she always dreamed of opening her own modeling agency. And soon she managed to realize this idea.

To date, Anna is the founderone of the successful model agencies of Volgograd. It is called the Free models group. This agency employs professional photographers, stylists and make-up artists. And the girls to participate in the shows and photo sessions selects personally Gorodzha. And I must say that she copes with this task perfectly.

Miss russia anna town


Many mistakenly believe that in 2013 the competition"Miss Russia" Anna Gorodzha won. In fact, this is not so. Now you will understand everything. Miss - so in the US and Europe they call unmarried women. A Gorodzha in 2013 was officially married. The model participated in another contest - "Mrs. Russia", which is organized for married ladies bringing up children. The ceremony was held in the luxurious Moscow restaurant Do not tell mama.

In 2012, the title of "Mrs. Russia" went to InnesZhirkovoy. But because of personal circumstances, she had to abandon the crown. The organizing committee of the contest went to meet her. It was decided to freeze the queen's title for a while. The organizers of the beauty contest faced a similar situation for the first time.

In 2013, in an honest fight, the title "Mrs. Russia" was won by Anna Gorzha. She impressed the jury with her external data and high intelligence.

After winning such a prestigious beauty contestthe girl was invited to various TV programs as a guest or an expert. In the press, there were publications about Ana and her life before participating in "Mrs. Russia". There were those who decided to spoil the reputation of the model. On the phone Anna and her husband began to receive calls from unknown people. They blackmailed the couple in that they would put photos into the network, on which they croaked in a half-naked kind. But the model has never participated in such filming. Her husband had no doubt: scammers call who want to get easy money. However, the couple Gorodzhi is not going to provide them with this opportunity.

Anna the city

Personal life

A slender blonde has always attractedrepresentatives of the opposite sex. The boys were courted by her, gifted with luxurious bouquets and expensive ornaments. But Anya did not reciprocate any of them.

A few years ago, our heroine got married. Her husband's name is Dmitry Gorodzhiy. He is the producer of the model. It is her husband who organizes speeches, accepts or rejects proposals for Ani's participation in photo sessions and TV-projects.

A married couple brings up a little son, trying to give the baby all the best. Anna and Dmitry dream of giving him a sister.


Anna Gorodzha is not only a beautiful girl, but also a loving wife, a caring mother and a successful businesswoman. We wish her good luck in her career and happiness in her family life!

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