Anna Dyukova is a talented and wonderful actress of cinema and theater, a delightful woman, a wonderful wife and an excellent mother. The article is devoted to her biography, personal life and creative path.

Beginning of biography

Anna Dukova was born on the twenty-fourth of December1974 in the family of actors. The place of her birth was Arkhangelsk. All her childhood she spent in the theater, behind the scenes. Already in four years, the first role of the boy was played, which was perfectly played by Anna Dyukova, whose biography and personal life always passed to the public, fans and spectators. On stage, the baby needed to eat bread with greed, but the girl was actually hungry, so this role was excellent for her.

Anna Dyukova

But the final decision to becomeactress, came at a time when the theater came to the city with the performance of the Leningrad City Council. At that time, the girl was only twelve years old, but this meeting had a strong influence on her.


Anna Dyukova, whose biography and personal lifeis always interesting to fans of her work, having received a school education, went to the capital to enter the theater institute. But I was late for the interview, so I was very upset, but I did not despair. Anna Dyukova in the same year entered the theater institute of the city of Yaroslavl.

Anna Dyukova, biography, private life

In two years she, having dropped her education inYaroslavl, came to St. Petersburg to enter the theater institute in this city. This time everything went well, and she got on the course of Alexander Kunitsyn, a talented actor and teacher. Soon the girl was able to perform on the stage of the Leningrad City Council. But she did not work for a long time in this theater and moved to the Theater for Young Spectators where she can be seen in the plays and at the present time.

Anna Dyukova, biography: personal life, photo and cinema

As soon as the institute training was over,received a diploma of education, then the popular actress of cinema and theater begins her career in the troupe of the Theater of Youth. She played many wonderful roles that made her popular and famous. In her repertoire are not only children's works, but also roles from classical world literature.

But the glory in the cinema brought herFrench-Russian TV series "Russian riot", which was released in 1999. Despite the fact that the role was still episodic, but Anna Dyukova played it brightly and emotionally, which was remembered by the audience. In the future, it was this historical drama which managed to win the prestigious award of the Golden Bear Film Festival, which was held in Berlin. Her photos were then in many magazines.

Anna Dyukova, biography, personal life, photo

In a small, but memorable episode, they noticeda new and talented actress, not only fans, but also directors. Soon several proposals for work followed. Anna is invited to appear in popular series of different directions: historical, criminal and detective. All of its heroines are strong women, possessing a purposeful and strong-willed character. Among these films can be identified "Secrets of the investigation", "Foundry", "Russian Ark" and others.

The main role in the Russian-Ukrainian drama about the war"Death to Spies. Mortal Conflict "brings her fame and popularity again. The film was released in 2012, but it is interesting because along with the star actress in this film, her husband is also removed. Another sensational role of the talented actress is the role of Princess Militsa Chernogorskaya, in which she excellently reincarnated on the set of the multi-part historical drama "Grigory R." in 2014. This series is very popular nowadays, collecting high ratings of views.

Anna Dyukova, biography: personal life, children

It is known that a talented and popularactress-sibiryachka married only once. With her husband, the famous actor Ilya Shakunov, she met when she graduated from the institute and went to work at the Theater for Young Spectators. Her personal life has developed quite successfully and happily. Spouses, realizing that the acting profession can easily destroy their marriage, from the very beginning agreed that no jealousy, family or professional, in their marriage should not be.

Anna Dyukova, biography, personal life, children

Now this happy and creative couple has alreadytwo children. In 2005, their long-awaited first child, Vasilisa, was born, and in 2010 - Makar's son. Spouses are trying to create for them all the conditions, so that children will grow not only in love and harmony, but also comprehensively developed personalities. And despite the fact that there is very little free time for the actors, they try to find him to go to the country house near St. Petersburg and spend a few happy days there with the whole family.

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