The article will discuss the notoriouswriter Anna Rassokhina. She will be affected by her biography, all her creative achievements and some personal details. Fans of this author will like the article.

How it all began…

anna razsohina

In the early childhood little Anna Rassokhin, thenstill just Anna Vereshchagin, like all the little girls, was very fond of listening to grandmother's tales. With the process of growing up, already in elementary school, began to write stories. But to write Anna Vereshchagin became together with her sister Valentina. They pointed to each other's mistakes, made additions.

After a lapse of years, the girls moved away fromcreativity, were engaged in daily affairs. Anya Vereshchagin got married and had a baby. A few years later, the sisters returned to the creative tandem, continuing to write stories. The first books on paper came out in 2016 under the name "Anna Rassokhin."

The collection of books received its name: "What leads the girl ...". The publication was assisted by the publishing house Alfa-kniga. All rights under the text now belong to this publisher.

Creative way of the author

anna rosochina biography

Anna Rassokhina, whose biography is full of variousunexpected, created an official group with her sister. In it you can find books, learn interesting facts and be the first to hear about future creative plans. It is called "Walking in the clouds with Anna and Valentina V.". Sisters write in the style of fantasy, for those who want to slightly diversify their gray routine. Their stories are inhabited by dragons, beautiful princes, they have many miracles.

The first were printed books from the collection "Kwhat the girl leads ... ", then two more love novels in the fantasy style" Flame for the Snowflake "and" Weaving Fates: a cursed gift "were written. Next came the books in the genre of erotica. These include "The Name of Your Soul", "The Name of Your Soul." Awakening "," The Northern Queen "and" The Mystery for Aniqi ".

Most recently, an electronic version of thethe collection of stories "Chronicles of Omura". He introduces into the course about some heroes and events from the world described in the first four printed books. All the stories are accompanied by vivid and memorable illustrations. Young and talented writers are not going to stop there, promising their fans to continue to write about the already loved heroes.

From personal ...

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Anna Rassokhina practically does not publish the photo. It is very rare to find personal information about a writer on the Internet. Anna does not display her private life. After reading her works about something fantastic, sometimes even mystical, fantastic and romantic, one can conclude that Anna Rassokhin is a very thin and creative person, with an inexhaustible flow of fantasy, which many more times will result in fascinating stories, novels and stories, on joy to the fans. So is her sister - Valentine.

Grateful readers are already actively expressing their admiration for various thematic resources. They are eagerly awaiting new creations from talented sisters-writers.

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