A person who accidentally stumbled upon a broadcast of a curling match is likely to hold his attention briefly for a short time. It is painful at first glance to be a non-dynamic and strange game.

However, the success of the women's team at internationaltournaments, broadcast matches from the Olympics caused some interest among fans for this sport. The main character is Anna Sidorova. The biography of this sportswoman could have developed differently, she did not get an ankle injury in childhood.

From figure skating to curling

Anna Sidorova - native Muscovite - was born in 1991. From the age of 6 she was engaged in a sport more familiar to a Russian girl - figure skating.

At the age of 14, she could no longer, because of a leg injuryseriously exercise. Mom took the girl to the curling section. Anna Sidorova at first was depressed by this change of activities and did not burn with the desire to continue training. The transition from bright and spectacular figure skating to such a seemingly boring and incomprehensible curling was too abrupt.

Anna Sidorova

However, soon she was already involved in training and understood the essence of this mysterious game. In 2008, she starts performing at international competitions.

Sports career and awards

Soon Anna Sidorova becomes a skip youthteam of Russia. Skip in curling is the main character, the team's think tank. At one of the tournaments, young girls under the direction of Anna beat the main team of the country. After that, Sidorov is immediately taken to the main team. So the girl, four years ago, who did not know about the existence of such a sport as curling, goes to the Olympics in Vancouver as part of the national team.

In 2011 Anna Sidorova becomeswinner of the Universiade in Turkish Erzurum. A year later, the Russian team makes a qualitative leap in its development - a victory at the European Championships. At this tournament Anna Sidorova is already the skip of the team, the main character.

Given the obvious progress of the team, the fansexpected a successful performance at the home Olympics in 2014. However, the youngest team in the tournament, and Sidorov, among other things, could not stand the tension and banally "burned out." Not showing everything they were capable of, the Russians do not even leave the group.

Anna Sidorova biography

Anna did not break the defeat in Moscow, and already in thisthe year she, together with the team for the first time in history, takes medals at the World Championships. In a year the girls will repeat their success, and in the interim they will also take silver medals of the European Championship.

Personal life of the sportswoman

The interest in curling is not the lastthe turn due to the identity of the skip of the main female team. A bright, effective appearance is what distinguishes Anna Sidorova. The photo with her images constantly flashes in the ratings of the most beautiful athletes of the Olympics.

All this constantly raises questions to the athlete about her personal life, to which she laconically responds that she is still unmarried.

However, in fact, Anna is very serious,the purposeful girl. Being engaged in curling, she in parallel receives higher education. And he studies, unlike most athletes, not at the Institute of Physical Education, but at the Faculty of Political Science and Law.

Anna Sidorova photo
In 2013, she successfully finishes training.

Anna is in excellent shape, and all her personal fans can only wait for new victories from the team, which leads to a wonderful skip.

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