To date, many people know aboutcharming Russian model, winner of the honorary first place in the Miss Russia contest in 2007, winner of the crown of Miss World in 2008, in 2009 the representative of the Eurovision Song Contest - Ksenia Sukhinova. But few are familiar with her biography, so we decided to tell you about the life of a famous beauty filled with energy, beauty and love.

Childhood of the future crowned star

Ksenia Sukhinova

A beautiful girl was born in a small townNizhnevartovsk on August 26, 1987. Her parents still work in the oil sector. Father Vladimir Gavrilovich works as the operator of technological installations, and the mother Natalia Alexandrovna is the employee of metrological service of one of the oil enterprises. Ksenia Sukhinova devoted all her childhood to sports - she visited sections on running, swimming, badminton and rhythmic gymnastics. At the age of 4, my mother decided to give her daughter in professional sports, and therefore in 2 years little Ksyusha won the first victory in her life in rhythmic gymnastics competitions. But unfortunately, after a while she had to forget about the gymnastic career because of her health condition. Today Ksusha can boast of received ranks in rhythmic gymnastics and swimming. At school she was a solid horoshistkoy and brought home only four and five. Former teachers can describe her as a very well-bred, disciplined and obedient girl.

Training of a young beauty

Ksenia Sukhinova studied at the secondary school No. 8 inNizhnevartovsk. At the moment the girl preferred to receive higher education in the city of Tyumen, at the State Oil and Gas University, at the Faculty of Technical Cybernetics. Her profession will be connected with management and informatics in technical systems. External data Xenia could not be overlooked, so she was soon invited to represent the choreographic team at the university.

Miss Russia Xenia Suhinova

The first steps in the modeling career

When Xenia was still a first-year studentTGNGU, the organizer and head of student creativity Victor Garabaghy repeatedly suggested that a beautiful freshman take part in the performances and become a model of the fashion theater "sh'Attel". Before taking part in the first beauty contest "Miss Neftegaz", Ksenia Sukhinova decides and accepts Victor's proposal. After that they go together to the competitions, where the future "Miss Russia" takes the second place, having received the ribbon "Vice-Miss". Further, after a while, the girl takes part in the contest "Miss Image", where she successfully takes first place. After she is invited to become a model in the competition of young designers, which she gladly agrees with. It was the last participation that became fatal, because representatives of one of the largest modeling agencies Point Management drew attention to it. They did not hesitate to offer the girl to sign a contract about work abroad. Ksenia Sukhinova could not miss this chance and so gladly agreed.

Serious steps in the modeling business

The debut of Xenia on the big podium took place in 2007year at the Milan Fashion Week. After a successful demonstration, the girl could not help but be invited to participate in the equally popular fashion week, which was to be held in Paris. But because of the preparation for the contest "Miss Russia" she was forced to refuse. And on December 14, 2007, during the finals of the grandiose Russian competition, the presenter announced that "Miss Russia" is Ksenia Sukhinova. Tears of joy and happiness were filled at that moment by all the fans and admirers of the beautiful Ksyusha. The crown was given to her by the owner of the title "Miss Russia-2006" Tatyana Kotova. From that moment the girl was obliged, according to her new status, to take part in various charitable actions, secular and social events.

How was the preparation for the contest "Miss Russia-2007"?

biography of xenia suhinova

Biography of Xenia Sukhinova could not but include inmyself a stage of preparation for a grandiose competition: this period of time will be remembered for a long time by our beauty. For a month the girl got up at eight in the morning every morning and practiced fitness, as well as rhythmic choreography. For 30 days, all participants were obliged to take healthy food, which was prepared only for a couple and was low in fat. After lunch, Xenia again went to the choreography, then - to the class on stage, then attended the lessons of the defile and, of course, managed to get to the hairdressers. But despite the fact that the working day of all the participants was overcrowded with tense preparation, the organizers had time to arrange trips to safari, as well as traditional outdoor dances.

growth of xenia

After the contest "Miss Russia-2007"

Having received the title "Miss Russia", Ksenia Sukhinovaactively began to travel around various cities of the world, literally in a short period of time, she managed to visit 25 countries with various charitable actions. In view of the fact that she actively participated in the social and secular life of Russia, the contest management decided to extend the contract with the model for one more year, which was the first such case in history. For all the time that Xenia dedicated to charity, she managed to collect, thanks to various actions, about $ 25 million.

After Xenia was awarded the crown, in her nativefor her city of Tyumen, people turned the victory of their countrywomen into a city-wide holiday. And her former collective "sh'Atte" headed by Viktor Garabagh and ordered a cafe to celebrate the coronation of the former pupil.

Ksenia Sukhinova and husband

Beauty, everyday life and parameters of Xenia Sukhinova

According to the model itself, for its appearance it is necessaryonly to thank nature. It does not do, of course, without various physical exercises and visits to beauty salons, but as you know, any beauty requires effort and perseverance. From the magazine Shape you can find out that Xenia does not adhere to any diets, the only and constant rule for the model - "do not eat three hours before sleep." On ordinary days, Miss Russia does not like to wear tight clothes and high heels, she prefers free t-shirts and low-heeled shoes. In addition, Xenia believes that there is nothing better in the world than natural beauty, expressive makeup on her face can be seen extremely rarely. Life motto of the model: "Respect the people around - and they will respect you." Her great achievement, she believes herself, is the ability to perceive and love people as they are. It should also be mentioned that the girl has ideal parameters, more precisely 90-60-90. The growth of Xenia Sukhinova - 178 centimeters.

Ksenia Suhinova got married

Personal life of the crowned "Miss Russia"

Since 2011 the girl is in closeRelations with a well-known businessman, the owner of a large company Glavproduct. They often appear together in public, and many people think that this is Ksenia Sukhinova and her husband. Personal life of the famous beauty is discussed quite actively. On many Internet resources one can stumble upon loud headlines informing about the marriage of the model - "Ksenia Sukhinova got married", etc. Actually, according to Miss Russia itself, at the moment the couple lives only in a civil marriage.

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