Future football player Xenia Kovalenko appeared onlight on May 25, 1995 in the small Kazakh city of Aksu. Since childhood, she differed from other girls in that she simply loved to drive along with the boys in the courtyard of the ball.

Despite the fact that football is considered predominantly a men's sport, little Ksenia Kovalenko was not lost at all during the game against the background of other guys.

Sports career

When Xenia was 8 years old, she literally on the street met her first coach - Svetlana Shalamova. It was that day that you can call the beginning of the sports career of a famous football player.

In 2010, at the age of 15, Ksenia Kovalenkofirst came on the field as a player of the junior team. It was a friendly match against the Estonian girls, who ended 3-1 in favor of Russia.

Two years later Ksenia Kovalenko tried on the T-shirt of the youth team, having played against Turkey, and in 2016 debuted for the national team of Russia.

Another achievement of the young football player is interesting: she set a performance record in the First Division, scoring 8 goals for one club for her club Izmailovo.

Ksenia Kovalenko football player

Such a magnificent game accelerated career growthgirls. Since the spring of 2016, Ksenia Kovalenko is a football player who plays for the most famous club in the country, "Rossiyanku", which was able to get into the playoffs of the women's Champions League.

Football experts speak well about the game21-year-old football player. Among the positive qualities of its mobility, mobility, as well as large amounts of running work. Most coaches agree that in the future this talented girl will have a brilliant football career.

Extra-football life

In addition to sports, Ksenia Kovalenko is veryactive lifestyle. So, she spends a lot of time in social networks, where she spends a lot of photos from training and daily life, and also communicates with her friends and fans.

Ksenia Kovalenko

The girl is becoming more popular: the number of her subscribers in Instagram and VKontakte is growing very rapidly.

Personal life

Ksenia Kovalenko, according to the majorityfans, is one of the most beautiful football players of the Russian team. She is often asked about her personal life, but the girl tries not to take this topic to the general public. Only this year, Xenia admitted that she has a boyfriend.

Among the achievements of the young beauty - getting into the rating "Top 100 sexiest girls in the world", published in 2014 by the men's magazine FHM.

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