"Ship" is anothera fantasy-adventure project, proposed by the channel STS. It is an adaptation of the Spanish television film "El Barco" ("The Ark"). The ratings of the viewers turned out to be contradictory, but a peculiar play of the actors aroused interest. The inquisitive film enthusiasts began to ask questions about who played Herman, Max, Vika, and the name of Alena from the series "The Ship", as well as Valery, Petya, Ira and other actors in fact.

What is the name of Alena from the series ship

Unsinkable team

Members of the crew of the older generation playedrecognized actors: Dmitry Pevtsov, Agrippina Steklov, Vladimir Vinogradov, Ilya Lyubimov. All of them have a good drama school. Muscovites and regulars of the capital who visit theaters do not even need to remind them who they are or what they call. Alena from the series "The Ship" and some of her peers, who performed the role of cadets, viewers saw the screen for the first time. The smallest resident of the vessel left without a berth was the eight-year-old Yaroslav Bazaev, this is her serious debut in the cinema.

alena from the series ship

Love and adventure

Slender beautiful girl with dazzling andwith a little shy smile, she took a fancy to the brave young man. On the dock, he saved a stranger from under the wheels of the loader, and during the trip he saved the predatory fish from the teeth. Between the young heroes, as they say, "a spark broke out," and the intrigue of their uneasy relationships keeps the audience in suspense. From the first frames of the film, it becomes known how the name is Alena from the series "The Ship" and her brave friend. This is the eldest daughter of Captain Alain Gromov and the illegitimate son of the old man Max Grigoriev. And if the performer of the role of Maxim Roman Kurtsyn has already acted in almost thirty films, then played the captain's daughter Irina Antonenko is still only going back to the cinematic Olympus.

alena from the series ship

The first beauty of the country

Focusing on the Spanish original, the authorsthe project took care of the beauty of Russian girls on the screen, not inferior to their foreign counterparts. Irina Igorevna Antonenko (the name of Alena from the series "The Ship" in fact) - the winner of the beauty contest "Miss Russia-2010". By that time the girl was already a well-known top model in her Urals city, she had the title "Miss Auto sound" and "Miss Ekaterinburg".

As the beauty queen, Irina opened the eighthcharitable Vienna Ball in Moscow. In the same 2010, the girl participated in the contest for the title of "Miss Universe", held in Las Vegas, she entered the TOP of the fifteen first beauties of the planet, but did not get into the top ten. The beauty contest, as well as the podium paths, did not satisfy Irina's ambition.

She decided to try herself as an actress andentered the Russian University of Theater Arts (RATI, former GITIS). In the movie "Ship" she was offered first the role of the seducer Victoria, but after reading the script, Irina realized that this was not her role. So there was a charming Alena. From the series "The Ship" the girl soon got on the set of the film quite different in genre and mood. She faced screen tests for the role of a mother who lost a child during the war. Will grow into a serious and characteristic actress Irina Antonenko, time will tell.

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